Dependence on oil bad – dependence on Chinese good

Michelle Malkin calls it straight and true in her article titled “China, the rare earth crisis & Obama’s green agenda” about how El Presidente’ wants us trading one dependency for another.  Kind of like quitting heroin and switching to cocaine, either a bad deal.

President Obama is pushing solar panels and other green technology pet projects as a way to create jobs and promote energy independence.

What his eco-radical bureaucrats won’t mention is that they are simply trading one type of foreign dependence for another: From Saudi oil…to Chinese rare earth metals.

As some of you may have read, the Chi-coms are flexing their regime muscle as the world’s dominant producers of the precious minerals used to manufacture solar panels, electric cars, wind turbines, and other environmentally correct products. China accounts for 95 percent of the rare earth metals market:

Yes, 95%. Not even OPEC has that kind of control. Per the DOE they only have about 43% of the world’s oil locked up. Of course with the no-drilling policies being put into effect by the Obama administration I would expect this will increase as we decrease our own production, which by the way Mr. Obama, gives entities like OPEC even more control over the United States.  Guess you geniuses forgot about that one, eh?

Why bring up oil? Well if you want to know it’s really the same crap different day that has put China in control of 95% of the Earth’s rare metals market. The greentards and Democrats have been busy closing up mines right and left, now it’s going to perhaps come back and bite us all in the butt unless we kowtow to the Chinese.

So I ask you why does the USA keep putting itself into these kinds of positions? We have plenty of oil, but no you can’t drill here, you can’t drill there, we’re about to the point where you can’t drill anywhere. We also have plenty of natural gas and coal, but the greentards don’t like that either.  I’m perfectly fine with solar as long as it is price-competitive, but that isn’t going to happen when the Chinese control 95% of the market and can jack the price up.

This also puts our defense industry at risk. Need some rare materials for that guided missile? If the Chinese don’t want you pointing one at them they can merely refuse to sell it to us.  It also, if you think about it, puts Taiwan at risk.  The Chinese don’t make any bones about wanting it back and it they can effectively neuter the rest of the world’s armies, navies and air forces, then they can pretty much do what they damn well please.

A lot of people in a big building in Washington, DC with a big dome full of hot air need to wake the hell up before it’s too late and we’re mired in the mud trying to get minerals and oil after everyone realizes we’re all bark and no bite and they turn off the spigots.

Source: Michelle Malkin

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