“Unprecedented” Freezing in Arctic

Yes, that’ s right, I am turning the tables on the warmers and using their favorite word “unprecedented” in my title, but this time it really is “unprecedented!”

We now have the quickest freeze – ever – in the Arctic, right now, as I type it’s freezing faster than ever recorded. According to Steven Goddard’s Real Science blog…..

It”s official. From September 20-30, JAXA gained 661,250 km² of ice. That is more than 11,000 Manhattans, and is the fastest start to winter in the JAXA database.

Can you warmers say oops? While things can change it certainly seems to me that we’re off to a better start than ever before and it’s only the beginning of October.

You can refer to an item I posted on 8/15/2010 titled “The Arctic Is Not Melting” and another post on 9/21/2010 titled “Contrary to Warmer BS Arctic Ice Thickening” if you want to read what I think about the climate alarmist cries that the Arctic is melting away and we’ll soon be sailing thought the Northwest Passage on a regular basis.

But, lest I crow too loud and offend any warmistas or come up with any conspiracy theories, perhaps it’s just due to mere degradation of satellite data or sensor failure, or perhaps just some well paid scientists working for a billion dollar government agency are asleep at the wheel and it’s merely a simple mistake of unchecked data and we should all ignore it and it will go away any day now.

Nah, it seems funny to me that those satellite faux pas only seem to add warming and for some unexplained reason don’t ever ever add cooling. I can’t say I remember seeing it was minus 600 degrees in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin anyway. Besides I dont’ want to be accused of being “over the top.”  🙂

Source: Real Science

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  1. So true, so true. The warmists always focus on warming and of course, glaciers and melting ice, when the data completely drowns them out. More of these sorts are against us, but we have more compassion for the truth as big dollar signs have blinded their vision.