Who’s financing anti-Prop 23 ads? Santa Claus?

If you think I'm financing those anti-Prop 23 ads you must believe in me.

So who is financing all those anti-Prop 23 ads? Santa Claus? If you don’t want to make it an early Christmas for some greentard financiers and cost the taxpayers of California billions of dollars for nothing than please read on.  If you like being screwed then just go hug a tree , pray to your God Al Gore, or do whatever fantasy you subscribe to.

We all hear and read the constant whining about big oil spending millions on getting Proposition 23 passed and the billionaire Koch brothers pumping money into this law that will effectively neuter AB32 until the unemployment level drops. According to greentard propaganda that’s just so evil they can’t stand it.

Frankly, California doesn’t need a global warming law as it puts California on the downside of being competitive. It’s DOA at the UN and in Congress and in many other places around the world,  not to mention the fact that the so-called science about global warming is being busted regularly.

So, why put California behind the 8 ball? So we can all feel good at a staggering cost? Is California all by itself going to reduce CO2 enough to bother about  especially when we have places like China and India spewing out massive quantities of pollution 24 x 7? Does AB32 even make any sense today?

I hear lots of hollering about how if Prop 23 passes that it will be costing green jobs.  Folks, there’s a market out there, and if you can make something that works for a reasonable price, then you won’t need AB32 to provide subsidies, the market will buy. Build a solar panel that works and sell it for a reasonable price and people will buy them.  Make an electric car that you can drive more than 30 miles that doesn’t cost 6 figures (like the Tesla) and you’ll sell plenty of them if they’re cost efficient and you can drive them a reasonable distance without having to re-charge. No subsidies will be required. There also aren’t that many green jobs out there and I don’t think AB32 is going to add that many as compared to all the other jobs it will cost if left in place.

What  seems enormously funny to me is that we never hear who is pumping money into the anti-23 campaign do we? No greentard complaints there, eh? Do all those ads on TV just mysteriously appear out of the blue and get shown on various TV stations for free? Do the radio stations run them out of the good of their hearts? I don’t think so.

So who is pimping money to save AB32? Well, it seems we have someone on the greentard side with a large vested interest.  Per  a Big Government article we find out the following……

Thomas Steyer owns Farallon Capital Management, a $33bln hedge fund. He’s also donated $2.5m to blocking Prop 23 and has pledged a further $2.5m if needed.

There has been almost no investigation of why this citizen would give so much money and of course no suggestion that these donations would make Thomas Steyer a “vested interest”.

But bury deep into Farallon’s website and you will see Steyer admits his hedge fund  invests in areas which will become profitable “due to a catalyzing event or a change in circumstances, including regulatory or legislative change.”

And Steyer has a lot of experience in using government regulation and legislative change to make money. Before setting up Farallon – he worked for Goldman Sachs.

So according to his own website Thomas Steyer stands to make hundreds of millions or billions of dollars if Prop 23 fails and the “regulatory or legislative change” is allowed to pass unopposed.

That’s quite a vested interest.

Wow! Funny we don’t hear the greentards who want to keep AB32 in place whining about this guy trying to buy election results. I guess it’s OK if you spend and stand to make huge sums of money as long as it sounds green. Want more? Here’s some information from the Energy Collective on who’s trying to buy votes so they can reap billions…….

When the loudest objections to any candidacy or initiative are focused on vilifying its financial backers, this often indicates that its opponents’ arguments on its merits are weak. The fact that several oil companies with refineries and other operations in the state are supporting Prop 23 shouldn’t trump the pros and cons of the actual initiative, any more than the fact that much of the funding for the anti-Prop 23 effort apparently comes from venture capitalists and companies that stand to profit if Prop 23 is defeated. For example, the portfolio of VC firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, one of whose prominent partners is reported to have donated $2 million to oppose Prop 23, includes investments in biofuels, wind, solar and geothermal power, along with other green technologies, many of which would benefit if A.B. 32 were upheld. From my perspective, this whole line of argument is a colossal red herring. Valero, Tesoro and the other oil company supporters of Prop 23 are part of a $50 billion-a-year California refining industry that employs thousands of Californians and fuels more than 99.9% of the state’s 33.6 million registered motor vehicles. The initiative’s cleantech-based opponents are part of a smaller but growing sector that has emerged as an offshoot of Silicon Valley and the state’s premier research universities. All of these entities have a stake in the outcome, and an equal right to take a position. Their involvement shouldn’t constitute a compelling argument for or against Prop 23.

Ahh yes, more people who want to make billions off the backs of the taxpayers of California. It’s really about keeping AB32 in place so the wealthy can extract more milk from the government titty. It is about people like RINO Arnold Schwarzenegger who wants to be perceived as nice and green when future history books come out. Screw all the little people, they don’t count other than for how much we can rip them off for.

Just look at Arnold’s record as “Governator.” It’s been a dismal failure and about the only thing he has left that may look good on his history when he’s gone will be being seen as a green governor. Face it, he’s a hypocrite who flies all over the place in a private jet (like back and forth to work in Sacramento because he won’t move there). He’s perceived as green so anything and everything he does is perfectly OK with the greentard crowd.

Look at Al Gore with his huge mansions who flies all over the globe spewing hot air about global warming along with pollution from his jet and large mansions.

Look at our president who’s flying off constantly on vacations, meetings and fund-raisers, not to mention using a helicopter to fly 6 damn miles to make a speech. Yes he’s certainly a “green” president.  The only thing “green” about him is the trillions of greenbacks he’s blowing that will leave the nation in ruins.

How about James Cameron who has two mansions next door to each other and also flies all over the globe spewing jet fumes? Ahh, if your rich and green it’s perfectly OK, if you’re rich and realistic? Well, the greentards probably would blow you up if they could get away with it like in this commercial.

No, this is totally wrong, as is keeping AB32 in play. We have massive evidence coming out on an almost daily basis that there is no anthropogenic global warming, that CO2 doesn’t cause jack and that there have been plenty of people lying like rugs about it, altering data to fit their global warming scenario, using tainted data, etc. It’s become a religion based on dogma and lies because the facts just aren’t there to support it.

I fail to see how California will ever get many green jobs anyway even if AB32 stays.  The way this state is regarding real estate prices and business stifling laws I can’t fathom why anyone would want to make anything here anyway when they can move to Nevada, Arizona or out of the United States and put up with a lot less bureaucratic BS and taxes.

Even if they do stay and start manufacturing things green, don’t you think the Chinese will just make more of it and do it cheaper and those green jobs will just rapidly disappear soon anyway? Don’t think these greedy bastards will head for south of the border where they have cheap labor and no regulations (read bribes) as soon as the government subsidies end here? Think again, it’s about the money, not some green utopia.

So, if you want to continue to be a sucker then vote no on Prop 23. Be a nice “useful idiot” and watch your bank account disappear in a cloud of CO2 Insanity.

If you’re tired of being lied to, over-taxed and subsiding so-called green millionaires and billionaires vote yes on 23 and save California.

Source: Big Government

Source: The Energy Collective

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