Science Idiot of the Month?

You have to just love this one! Here we have a review of “Sea-level is the best way to predict impacts of climate change: Australian scientist” that about caused me to fall out of my chair laughing.

More thorough sea level monitoring is needed to protect one trillion dollars (0.98 trillion U.S. dollars) worth of the world’s infrastructure threatened by climate change, an Australian leading ocean scientist said on Sunday

In the book Understanding Sea-level Rise and Variability, released on Sunday, Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) oceanographer John Church said the best way to predict the impacts of climate change is to look at the sea.

“The oceans are absolutely central to climate change,” Church told Australia Associated Press on Sunday.

Taking this on the face of it as being accurate I submit the below graph showing the sea-level.

Well, looks like the sea-level is dropping, so much for global warming, eh? We’re not done yet, he also notes the following……

“If we want to predict climate change accurately we’ve got to look at the oceans and for that matter the ice sheets.”

Ice sheets? Did he say ice sheets? OK, here’s another chart below regarding Arctic ice.

Another oops! Seems like we have more sea-ice, too! Assuming his theory is valid, then I feel I can safely assume we don’t have any global warming going on.

I have to really wonder who in their right mind would buy this book?

Source: Xinhuanet

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