Foes Outspend Backers of Proposition 23

You may consider this a supplement to my article on Proposition 23 titled “Who’s financing anti-Prop 23 ads? Santa Claus?” as we now have more information  from  the New York Times about this.  It seems per their article that compared to “big oil” who the greens and liberals constantly harp about dumping copious sums of money into the pro-Prop 23 campaign, “big green” is dumping in way more “greenbacks” in an effort to keep California’s global warming law AB 32 in place and all those government mandates going.

At the start of the campaign for California’s Proposition 23, the ballot measure that would suspend the state’s global warming law, opponents darkly warned that the Texas oil companies backing the initiative would spend as much as $50 million to win the election.

But with three weeks until Election Day, it is the No on 23 coalition of environmentalists, investors and Silicon Valley technology companies that is raking in the cash, taking in nearly twice as much money as the Yes on 23 campaign.

As of Monday, the No on 23 forces had raised $16.3 million to the Yes campaign’s $8.9 million, according to California Secretary of State records. Over the past two weeks, nearly $7 million has flowed into No campaign coffers while contributions to the Yes effort had fallen off dramatically.

I guess it’s OK if big business pumps huge sums of money into campaigns because the green logic is as long as they’re not “big oil” it’s perfectly OK.

More CO2 Insanity.

If you want to read more please click on the source below for the full article and detail about who is donating big bucks.

Source: New York Times



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