Good News! Pachauri wants to stay at IPCC

Reuters brings us good news this morning! Rajendra Pachauri wants to stay on at the IPCC to ensure the next report will be a mess like the last one was!

The head of the U.N. panel of climate scientists said on Monday he aimed to stay on and lead “overdue” reforms after errors in a 2007 report, including an exaggeration of the thaw of the Himalayan glaciers.

India’s Rajendra Pachauri, opening an October 11-14 meeting of 300 delegates from 130 nations in Busan, South Korea, admitted “shortfalls and mistakes” in the 2007 overview of climate science but has resisted suggestions that he should quit.

“I am committed to carry reform forward,” he told the first talks of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) since an August 30 report by the InterAcademy Council, grouping science academies, urged fundamental reform of IPCC management.

“Change and improvement in an organization as important and complex as the IPCC is inevitable and overdue, but it must build on the demonstrated strengths of the system,” he told delegates.

Well, Obama has given us “hope and change” so I guess it’s Pachauri’s turn to give us “change and improvement.” I wonder if those changes and improvements will consist of new and better ways to “hide the decline?”

Source: Reuters

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