Cap & Trade Dumped by White House insider?

This one’s interesting indeed.  It looked to me like the climate bill by Graham, Kerry and Lieberman was going to be a sure thing to get passed and signed by Obama. It seemed like the momentum was picking up and then it just kind of went poof and disappeared, much to my enjoyment.

Tree Hugger has an article that claims this was done by an unknown insider in the White House in this article titled “Did a Betrayal from Inside the White House Kill the Senate Climate Bill?” Below are a couple of pertinent paragraphs from the article.

It turned out that someone from within the Obama administration had leaked the notion that Lindsay Graham supported a gas tax to Fox News. Which may not sound like much, but that’s like leaking news that a Republican supports gay marriage to Rush Limbaugh — it’s political anathema.

Some believe it was Rahm Emanuel or David Axelrod, two of the president’s closest advisers who had opposed participating in the climate legislation process from the get-go. Others believe it was a well-intentioned staffer who wanted to get rid of a potentially bad policy. We may never know who it was, but from there on out, no Republican would come within fifty miles of the supposedly gas tax-laden climate legislation. And then Graham jumped ship. And then the climate bill died.

Well, all I can say is offer my sincere thanks to whomever did the dirty deed! You saved the taxpayers of the United States of America a lot of money that we can spend on something besides some phantom problem created to enrich carbon traders and get the public whipped into doing the bidding of the greentards.

Source: Tree Hugger

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