Hippie climate activism is dying

From the Telegraph we get this one…..

A year ago climate change activists were storming Parliament. This year they are holding meetings with cupcakes and copious amounts of tea. So is climate activism dead or has it just been sleeping?

In a wood panelled room in East London more than 100 people, including Britain’s only Green MP Caroline Lucas, gathered earlier this week for the ‘Climate Rendezvous’. The meeting was organised by activists Climate Rush to discuss strategies for raising the profile of climate change before international talks in Cancun, Mexico next month.

Ummm, I hate to break the news but the climate talks in Cancun are as DOA as the protest are yet the hippies are still not giving it up……

Here’s something “unprecedented” regarding the European Community. They’re now going to “Plan B” trying to coerce the US and China into a climate treaty. They’re so desperate now it’s pathetic.  ”Plan B” involves trying to get these two countries to extend the end of the Kyoto Treaty that expires in 2012. That’s all folks!

This appears to be the only goal the EU now has  for the “big” meeting in Cancun coming up that, based on copious amounts of warmer BS after the COP15 flop-a-rama, was being touted as being a sure thing for attaining the goals that were not agreed upon in Copenhagen. Yes, it’s denigrated to that.

Yes and they agree there’s no rush about climate change with anybody these days……

The general theory seems to be that it was a mistake to focus on Copenhagen as a goal in itself. Instead activists are looking at the much slower and more arduous process of changing minds and lifestyles in the long term. This has meant going back to the grassroots and working with local groups to lobby regional government and business.

In plain English that means they have to start all over and get the hippies stirred up again before anything much is going to happen because they’re now more focused on whether pot will be legalized in California or not. That is more important nowadays……

Tamsin Omond, who set up Climate Rush, refuses to reveal the plans for protests except to promise to “make more noise and be more obtrusive than anyone else.”

“We are going to do whatever the Suffragettes did and more to get our message out there,” she promises.

The grand-daughter of a baronet is already well known for climbing onto the roof of the House of Commons, storming Parliament at the end of October 2008 and dumping manure on Jeremy Clarkson’s lawn last year.

See what too much money does to children? I mean a look at Prince Charles should explain that comment.

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