Obama to gov’t agencies: Blow more money on warming we need votes!


We need votes! We're desperate!


Here’s goes Obama spending yet more money we don’t have. Congress isn’t’ going to be passing a climate bill anytime soon, cap & trade is dead, we have the EPA running around like a crazed bull in a china shop mandating all kinds of things such as increasing ethanol in gas to 15% in what appears to be another political payoff and now we have Obama telling government agencies to piss away more money we don’t have on warming…..

“While taking action to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and avoid the effects of climate change is a priority, we must also prepare for the inevitable effects of climate change,” Nancy Sutley, head of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, said today in a statement, updating the group’s work.

Obama formed the task force last year to craft a plan for dealing with climate change, which scientists say will lead to more frequent and severe storms, droughts and heat waves.

They should correct that statement to ” which warmer scientists on the government dole and aiming to stay there say will lead to more frequent and severe storms, droughts and heat waves.” The warmers, including POTUS always seem to go back to blaming anything and everything to be the result of climate change which means we need to reduce that CO2.  I guess they better talk to the EPA because their increasing ethanol in gas will likely cause more CO2 to be emitted in process than the extra 5% ethanol will save.

Federal officials must consider how climate change will affect services, operations and resources throughout the U.S. when making decisions, Sutley said.

Which no doubt means they’ll waste billions of dollars on this and have to hire more unionized government employees.  It sounds more like a “conveniently” timed payoff to the unions to get more votes just before the November elections to me. Global warming just isn’t the issue they want you to think it is.

More CO2 Insanity.

Source: Bloomberg


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2 responses to “Obama to gov’t agencies: Blow more money on warming we need votes!

  1. Holocaust Gaza

    So what, it is about subsidizing the thriving ethanol industries.

    Owners of older cars should be aware that 15% can cause problems with gaskets and gasoline pipes.

  2. Winston

    According to the U.N., the livestock sector is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions,around 40% more than the entire transport sector — cars, trucks, planes, trains, and ships — combined.

    – Jonathan Safran Foer, “Eating Animals”, p. 58

    It seems that if the warmists were truly concerned about the weather, they would seriously hit on factory farming, since it makes a massive amount of greenhouse gases … but I never hear such talk. So whatever the whitehouse is saying about a collective responsibility for the climate is bullshit.