Pachauri passes go and collects!

After all the noise from the IAC about Pachauri and the IPCC needing new leadership and numerous other “improvements” Pachauri will not be officially staying with the IPCC for their AR5 report. Was this laughable decision due to Pachauri’s ass-kissing? Was it due to the mamby-pamby United Nations decision-makers? Or, perhaps both?

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has concluded its four-day meeting. Despite a scathing report [113-page PDF here] issued six weeks ago that said no IPCC chair should serve more than one term, the meeting decided not to cut short Rajendra Pachauri’s second term. It intends to soldier on with him at its helm for an additional four years.

I really could care less as I’ve already pointed out that the best thing that could happen to defeat the global warming IPCC (International Propaganda Carbon Council) is for Rajendra Pachauri to stay. With the rather obvious exception of the idiots who decided he should remain in charge, he’s blown his credibility with  most of the rest of the planet. This includes some of the warmers, who realize he’s about as believable as Pinocchio in mid-lie and would rather have someone in charge who has better credentials and more credibility. Do they have a Nobel Prize for BS? Perhaps they should consider it.

Absent this decision, I’d say the only “better” choice would be to elect James Hansen to the post.  Now that would really be something to see.  He might even have his ready for spontaneous combustion by 2035, providing that “unprecedented” sea-level rise of 20 or so feet doesn’t dampen the Earth’s ability to ignite.

I predict he’s on the way to a CO2 Insanity train-wreck.

Source: N0 Frakking Consensus

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