“Unprecedented” hurricanes?

Hmmm……I see a post about the decreased hurricane activity. The post links to this article at World Climate Report noting that all the predictions about global warming causing increased hurricanes and cyclones are bullshit and why. The funny part about it is that the research was paid for by NASA, who I would bet was hoping to get data to back those warmer predictions of doom and gloom up.

You can read the article but to make it easy, look at the below chart that plainly shows “Houston, we have a no-increase problem!” More global warming hype shot down in flames.

Part of the conclusion is in the yellow below. All those predictions of big hurricanes and more hurricanes have not happened. Moreover if you read the article there is no real pattern other than……

“Over the period of 1965–2008, the global TC activity, as measured by storm days, shows a large amplitude fluctuation regulated by the ENSO and PDO, but has no trend, suggesting that the rising temperature so far has not yet an impact on the global total number of storm days.”

Can I get a big oops? So who made these predictions of global warming disaster? The article doesn’t delve into that, so I’ve pulled a few claims off the internet for your amusement.

Here is one from the Times in 2005 titled “Global warming linked to increase in hurricanes” and one from National Geographic titled “Is Global Warming Making Hurricanes Worse?” Here’s another one from Science Daily in 2006 titled “Global Warming Surpassed Natural Cycles In Fueling 2005 Hurricane Season, NCAR Scientists Conclude.” This is a nice alarmist article from September, 2008 in Time titled “Is Global Warming Worsening Hurricanes?

We also have USA Today, and of course the Union of Concerned Scientist can’t be left out. They backed up Al Gore’s propaganda if you forgot and are often cited by warmers as proof positive of global warming.

If you’re a glutton for punishment Google “Increased hurricanes from global warming” and see what you get. They list 1,760,00 results and I’m not going to read every one of them.

Source: World Climate Report via C3 Headlines

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