Greenpeace at it again.

You have to love those nutty Greenpeace activist mountain climbing in downtown Berlin, Germany. Per Earth times we get this little blurb……

Berlin – Greenpeace demonstrators on Monday abseiled down the facade of Germany’s environment ministry to hang a banner protesting against the government’s extension of nuclear power.

The 10 metre by 20 metre banner said “Ministry for Nuclear Power and Corporate Interests”. The sign was visible from Alexanderplatz, a main square in the Berlin.

The environmentalist group is upset at Germany’s plans to extend the legal lifetimes of 17 existing nuclear power plants by an average of 12 years and to resume work to create a long-term nuclear waste depository.

Well, I’m upset that no matter what it is or where it is Greenpeace doesn’t like it. They bitch and moan about CO2 then when someone wants to put in nuclear that doesn’t pump out CO2 they bitch about that. Perhaps they should change their name to Bitchpeace. Seems more fitting to me.

More CO2 Insanity.

Source: Earth Times

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