Don’t be so pious if you own a Prius

Mirror…mirror….on the wall, who’s the greenest of them all? Think you’re being really green if you own a Prius? Per an article at AOL Translogic you’d better think again, because if you consider the total energy cost of the car from cradle to grave a Ford Focus is, in fact, the greenest car on the road at 55 cents per mile total energy used cost. The Jeep Wrangler comes in at 60 cents per mile and the Ford Ranger pickup truck comes in at 69 cents per mile. These are actually more green that a Prius that per the article comes in at $1.89 per mile. According to the article even an H2 Hummer is greener than a Prius.

In the newest version of the study, CNW says it measured the cradle-to-grave energy cost of each vehicle model, from the first CAD drawings, through manufacturing, all the way to final recycling and disposal. CNW has distilled those factors down to a single figure for individual models, the total energy cost of a vehicle per mile driven, ranging from a low of about 55 cents to a high of $11.

The compact Ford Focus soared to the top of the list, costing just 55 cents worth of energy per mile and beating out subcompacts like the Chevy Aveo and the Honda Fit, which cost in the range of 60 to 70 cents per mile, according to the CNW study.

A 2010 Prius can be expected to rack up three times the energy costs: $1.89 per mile driven, according to the study. But that’s down from $2.19 in 2008 and $2.87 in 2006.

The study clearly challenges industry’s long-standing focus on fuel economy as the preeminent measure of energy efficiency. CNW says it looks at everything from the energy cost of smelting iron to the mileage that autoworkers rack up on their commute to work every day.

So, next time you see someone in a Prius, in the fast lane, holding up traffic at 58 miles per hour, hell-bent on saving the planet by holding up traffic, you can laugh, because the joke’s on the Prius driver, not you.

Source: AOL Translogic

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  1. This makes the assumption all Prius drivers are environmentalists. There are many who simply want to save gas because gas has become so expensive. $35 to fill up 10 gallons at $3.50/gal isn’t bad when it gets you over 500 miles per tank and your commute is >30 miles one way. For those who continue to speed down the road in gas guzzlers, that’s your prerogative … but the cost of gas apparently hasn’t hit your wallet hard enough for you to care as it does mine. Anyone who speeds down the road hasn’t really been affected by this hard economy and high prices, because you could save a lot just by slowing down. Seriously!