New name for AGW Believers


The new AGW Climate Hawk?


This one cracked me up this morning. Per the Telegraph we now have a new name courtesy of Grist for those who believe in anthropogenic climate change. They’re now officially to be called “Climate Hawks,” yes that’s right, “Climate Hawks.”

Frankly, were I a hawk I’d be insulted that the clueless were likening themselves to me. I”d also go so far as to say it’s very juvenile, sounds more like something do to with Cub Scouts, no offense to Cub Scouts intended.

I”d offer my own suggestions:

  • Climatemorons
  • Climatedipsticks
  • Climatetards
  • Climateclueless
  • Climategullible
  • Climateshammers
  • Climatescammers
  • Climateturds
  • Climatefacists
  • Climateboneheads

With Halloween coming I supposed I’ll have hundreds of little Climate Hawks ringing my doorbell now. Now I have to figure out what to give them that’s non-global warming related. We can’t give candy, it creates CO2 in the process of making it.  Can’t give any fresh fruit as farming is now bad and tilling the soil pumps more CO2 in the air. Steaks are also out, those damn cows and their methane farts will be the death of the planet according to the Climate Hawks. Even the act of ringing the doorbell creates CO2 because it uses electricity that may be generated by a coal-fired power plant.

I suppose it will have to be real hawk food like dead rabbits, squirrels, fish, mice or something on that order. I wonder what green mommy will have to say about that when she inspects the candy bag after a night of trick or treating?

Guess I’ll just have to turn off the porch light and hide out in the dark until they go away. More CO2 Insanity.

Source: Telegraph

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