California ready to drive off the cap & trade cliff

The California Air Resources Board (CARB), located in the Libtard State is getting ready to dictate cap & trade regulations that will guarantee that industry will flee for greener (aka money-making) pastures along with plenty of jobs.

California aims to cap total emissions of gases linked to global warming and let factories and power plants trade for an ever-decreasing number of permits to emit gases. In theory, market forces will drive efficiency in the system, known as cap and trade.

There is still a debate about the economic merits of the plan, which planners in the Friday draft (PDF) estimate will shave about 0.1 percent from annual state growth.

0.1%? Well, based on other problems at CARB I’d have to question that figure based upon the old adage “figures don’t lie but liars figure.”

The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) is bailing on cap & trade. Al Gore used to be part owner of this, but the original owners bailed out and sold it for $600 million dollars before everyone figured out cap & trade was in the toilet. So why is California so hot to trot when even Al Gore’s given up on it? Are we going to lead the nation in more stupidity?

Cap & Trade has been about declared dead on arrival in the United States Congress, yet the nuts and flakes who run CARB are bound and determined to drive off that cliff just like Thelma & Louise. The result will be a rough landing for California citizens, already struggling to pay the bills and trying to fight unemployment in the 20% range.

Back to those figures, remember, this is the agency that hires people with mail-order Ph.D.s and overestimated diesel emissions by 340% in their efforts to con the citizens of California into going along with their greentard bullshit. They also don’t like those who disagree with them by getting them fired.

If you want to keep watching California sink to the point where Mexico won’t even want it back, then by all means vote no on Prop 23. If you want jobs, income and people paying taxes the VOTE YES on PROP 23 and save California from a slow death. If AB32 remains in effect, a large earthquake will be a kinder way to end to the state’s life than decades of suffering the CO2 Insanity caused by AB32 will be.

You can review what they want to do here (PDF).

Source: Cnet

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