IPCC will ‘probably’ make more mistakes

Here’s another slam at the IPCC, home of the Himalayan glaciers that will melt by 2035 and other assorted climate faux pas. Today the Telegraph has a story titled “IPCC will ‘probably’ make more mistakes’ which you can read here.

Professor Jean-Pascal van Ypersele conceded that the IPCC had been “naive and incompetent” in its handling of the incorrect claim that every glacier in the Himalayas could be melted by 2035, and accepted that there “probably would be mistakes” in a larger report scheduled for 2013-14.

Well, with Rajendra Pachauri hanging on as chair, I’d assume it may be rife with mistakes.

But he added that criticism prior to the climate change conference in Copenhagen had been “organised” in a cynical attempt to hamper attempts to address global warming.

Here we go with the conspiracy excuse factory again. Heaven forbid someone should just plainly and openly admit they screwed up big time. I mean it wasn’t only the 2035 glacier melt, we had other errors such as using non-peer reviewed data, not providing any information on how likely some of their scenarios were, hiding out when questions were asked, making claims based upon computer models that have no basis in reality,  having a “bunker” mentality and other assorted goofs.

If you want an idea of how far this guy’s  head is up his ass read this one……

He told The Guardian: “How could it simply be a coincidence that the ‘climategate’ emails are revealed two weeks before Copenhagen and that the mistake on the Himalayas is raised and transformed by some media into major error?”

See how he acts like that was the only error in the report? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Obviously the good Professor is clueless or refuses to admit the real deal. Then he goes on to bring up the old tobacco bullshit.

He added: “It is a very similar process to what the tobacco industry was doing 30 or 40 years ago, when they wanted to delay legislation.”

Damn! These guys can’t even come up with anything original and yet we’re supposed to believe they have anthropogenic global warming figured out to a “t,” which is laughable to say the least.

The only thing this guy has right is that the IPCC had been “naïve and incompetent” and that there “probably would be mistakes.” That was so simple to figure out that a caveman could do it.

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