Solar Power Could Overload Power Grids

That old saying “too much of a good thing” now may apply to solar power causing overloads on national power grids, at least according to this article from the Daily Mail anyway…..

Relying too heavily on solar power could overload the power grid, a German energy expert has warned.

The move to push people into installing rooftop solar panels has been hugely successful in Germany with citizens encouraged to fit  the panels and then sell any surplus power back to the national grid.

Generous subsidies from the government has also seen the uptake of solar energy soar.

But Stephan Kohler, an energy adviser to the government, has warned that the green boom could turn into a disaster for Germany’s aging power grid.

‘The network is facing a congestion due to solar power,’ Kohler told the Berliner Zeitung newspaper. ‘That’s why the expansion of solar power has to be cut back quickly and drastically.’

His warning highlights one of the problems with rushing too quickly onto relying on renewable sources to fill any energy shortfall.

Well, I have to say this makes me wonder what the end result of this push in California for wind and solar power will be? You can’t store it, it goes into the power grid.  California’s been a screwed up mess for decades. Many of our roads and highways are about as good as goat trails and the state’s deficit is about $20 billion dollars. Think California will have enough money to fix the power grid  up to survive all this solar and wind power that AB32 is going to push?

Think I’m full of it? Well look at the recent gas line explosion in San Bruno, California to see just how wonderful our existing infrastructure in California is, or look at the state of our water system, which is antiquated and in dire need of more water storage to take care of the needs of an increasing population.

I don’t, I think it will go like this. The greentards will push to stop Prop 23 and leave AB32 in force. Then we’ll get the honor of subsidizing all this new wind and solar power which will drive up costs in California. Then some “genius” will figure out our power grid can’t handle it and guess what? We’ll get screwed again by having to either pay additional taxes or increased energy bills to subsidize rebuilding the power grid.

Think I”m wrong? Well, when your PG & E, Edison or tax bill  (or all of them) go up to fix the boondoggle, or your power goes out for days on end because the overload melted power lines and blew up transformers, I hope you remember I warned you.

Let’s try looking before we leap in California for a change. The only way to accomplish that is vote no on Prop 23 and slow it down a notch and figure out what the issues and solutions are before we leap into a morass of additional expense to satisfy the dubious science surrounding anthropogenic global warming. Let’s work on existing problems before we create new ones that we can’t afford.

Source: Daily Mail

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