‘Environmental Agenda More Dangerous Than Terrorism’


Bin-Laden, less of a threat than environmentalism


From the Cypress Times we get a commentary by Tony Elliot on why the enviro-whackos and their agenda are more dangerous than terrorists. Below are a couple of paragraphs……

The scare tactic used by the Global Warming Nazis designed to frighten us into submission from the concern of human industrialization pumping billions of tons of Carbon Dioxide CO2 into the atmosphere and creating a Greenhouse effect is bogus as well. CO2 is a harmless gas not a pollutant and is necessary for maintaining all plant life health on the planet. More CO2 is necessary these days in providing an ever-growing human population with crops necessary for survival.

The environmental movement has done more damage to the heart of America than any terrorist organization ever could. Osama Bin Laden sees this and acted accordingly in his recent commentary which he stated his concern of environmental issues.

I have to agree with him and I’d go as far as to claim we already have ecoterrorists working in the United States such as John Lee who took over the Discovery Channel HQ on September 1, 2010, the Unibomber, Theodore John “Ted” Kaczynski.

These people have an agenda to control your life using the environment as an excuse to change lifestyles and tax people in the name of the planet. They believe that anything is fair game as long as it convinces you to agree with their greentard vision of the world.

You can read the whole commentary on environmental CO2 Insanity at the source below.

Source: Cypress Times

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