Final Phase of Global Warming War and Another Legal Defeat for Doomsayers

Final Phase of Global Warming War and Another Legal Defeat for Doomsayers by: John O’Sullivan

Climate science is complex and to many people hard to fathom, but you don’t need to be a scientist to sense fraud when key global temperature data is destroyed or withheld from public examination.

Forceful speeches dismantling the falsities of global warming junk science were delivered within the mother of all parliaments at a spectacularly successful 2010 Climate Fools Day Event in London (October 27).  In the fore was the world’s leading long-range weather forecaster, Piers Corbyn, who was presented with a new science award and cash prize of $10,000. Corbyn had predicted the Moscow heat wave and Pakistan floods weeks in advance and he says human emissions of greenhouse gases play no part whatsoever in controlling weather or climate.

First Government Abandons Pretense of a Global Warming Record

But it wasn’t Corbyn’s outstanding science that won the day but rather a story of how astute application of the law had dealt Antipodean warmists a fatal blow. I recounted to an amazed audience how climate realists in New Zealand had hauled their errant government to court where the burden of proof is of the demanding legal standard. Therein a pro-green New Zealand Government had been humiliated into abandoning all pretenses to possessing a bona fide official climate record in the scandal now referred to as ‘Kiwigate.’

Along with other legal analysts I explained that the Kiwi government, in such circumstances, had no choice but to capitulate or face complete courtroom defeat and political suicide. In my speech I urged parliamentarians to heed the implications of this astonishing news.

In a last minute capitulation the Kiwi custodians of a cornerstone of a quarter of the world’s official temperature records admitted it was not so ‘official’ after all. By so doing the New Zealand government (via NIWA) bailed out of the international conspiracy and signaled a full-scale retreat for the ‘science’ of man-made warming.

UK Politicians See End for Doomsaying Warmists

As I had long predicted, ultimate victory would come not from the darkened corner of some obscure science lab but under a stark legal light. Canny climate realist MP’s such as Sammy Wilson will certainly exploit the significance of this new legal phase in the climate war and speak directly to the moral standards of us all.

Kiwis had served a timely warning to eco-zealots all the way from Australia (BOM) to Britain and the United States (where 90 similar legal challenges are progressing) that climate realists in the English-speaking nations possess a most potent legal weapon – a transparent common law system handed down by their British founding fathers. Enshrined within legal principles is the right of citizens to petition government agencies so that they must come to court and openly account for their acts. Thus when compelled to show evidence for global warming the climate criminals flee the battle.

General Public Has Wised Up to the Sham

But this courtroom conflagration ought to have been more widely anticipated. Indeed, in the run up to the legal phase of our campaign the public has witnessed one very telling trend among government-funded researchers – they never debate with so called skeptics and never show the proof of their so-called “settled science.” For years these doomsayers have consistently and unlawfully denied freedom of information (FOIA) requests in Britain, at the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) and at NASA/GISS.

Realizing we now have a hard hitting legal message to resonate loudly among ordinary citizens Russia Today asked me to repeat the story to worldwide audiences via a live Moscow broadcast. The conclusion that must be drawn here is that when brought to court, the eco-advocates are tellingly exposed and cannot possibly justify their destructive trillion dollar cap-and-trade policies.

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One response to “Final Phase of Global Warming War and Another Legal Defeat for Doomsayers

  1. Mike Jowsey

    John – I think you handled this guy admirably. Despite his obvious bias in the interview, despite the gratuitous background clips of smoking chimney stacks, ice flows and flood-ravaged villagers, and despite the total air time of less than 4 minutes, you clearly and simply stated your case regarding corruption and lack of evidence for AGW.

    Regretfully, the shallow presenter just didn’t seem to get it.

    As an aside, here in NZ there has been a total of zero MSM stories on the back-down by NIWA. It is covered in detail on the Climate Conservation Group website, the group which initiated the legal action against NIWA.