‘Last Gasp for the California Economy’


The Greentard State



There is an interesting article on American Thinker this morning by Lee DeCovnick titled ‘Last Gasp for the California Economy‘ that explains how nefarious AB32 is and why you should vote yes on Prop 23 and slow the greentards down.

Proposition 23, the California ballot initiative, would suspend AB 32, the cap and trade regulations for reducing carbon dioxide emission to 1990 levels until unemployment in California drops to 5.5% or below for four consecutive quarters. So how much CO2 will be eliminated and will it make a difference?

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The total resulting climate change for ALL of this government stupidity is statistically infinitesimal… ZERO.

Yes ZERO folks! This is not about saving the planet or even California. It’s about increasing the CARB bureaucracy and forcing the citizens of California to live only Greentard approved lifestyles, which will raise the cost of everything in the state.


The Progressive/Socialist bureaucrats are drooling at the opportunity for more authority to regulate every aspect of our lives. Can you imagine the thousands of Byzantine regulations being enforced by those swell folks from the SEIU thugocracy?
Prop 23 must pass. AB 32 will have zero effect on the environment and will shatter the lives, property, wealth and well being of millions of California’s working class families. Who would vote against such insanity?


So, if you want California to be more insane than it already is then by all means let AB32 stand. Then watch the cost of food, cars, housing, clothing, dining out, fuel and most anything else you care to name go up. Do you really want the libtards in San Francisco and Los Angeles dictating what you do?

Will we have more CO2 Insanity in California? Or, will we have some sanity for a change?

Source: American Thinker

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  1. Art F.

    Saw this at Freerepublic.com: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2617646/posts

    The linked charts reveal the total ineffectiveness of the planned AB32. What a waste of money – destructive politics at its worse. Hopefully Californians will vote to protect themselves from this insanity.