Prop 23 ballot fraud in Fresno County?

Do we have an incident of ballot fraud in Fresno County? I find in rather remarkable the County Clerk, Victor Salazar, can’t figure out what the correct language is on the ballot concerning Proposition 23 that will delay implementation of AB32, California’s global warming law that’s sure to cause more financial chaos in the state of confusion. Per the Sacramento Bee….

Hundreds of thousands of ballots printed in Fresno County use an incorrect ballot label to describe a statewide proposition to suspend the state’s greenhouse gas emissions law, election officials confirmed today.

Ballots printed for the county’s roughly 380,000 registered voters say Proposition 23 would suspend laws requiring “major polluters” to report and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. That language was thrown out by a Sacramento superior court judge, who ordered several edits to the original language drafted by the attorney general’s office, including changing “major polluters” to “major sources of emissions.”

I find this mighty “convenient” and perhaps a sneaky way to throw an election in favor of the greentards who want the no vote on Prop 23 to win and keep the nefarious AB32 in place so that CARB can dictate to the whole state. Salazar has some mighty “convenient” claims, too……

Fresno County Clerk Victor E. Salazar said officials are aware of the error but it is too late to reprint the ballots. He said officials will send out a press release informing local media and voters of the error and post signs with the correct language at all polling places on Election Day. Nothing more can be done for the roughly 140,000 vote-by-mail ballots containing the incorrect language that have already been issued, he said.

How nice for them that it’s too late to reprint the ballots. I wonder how long they’ve known about this faux pas? Was this done on purpose? Or, is the County Clerk of Fresno this incompetent?

I hope someone investigates this at it certainly smells like an attempt to steal the Yes on Prop 23 votes from the ballot. I also wonder if Mr. Salazar is a) a Democrat and/or b) a SEIU member? Is he a member of Greenpeace or the Sierra Club? That would certainly be mighty “convenient.” Should Prop 23 lose by less than 380,000 votes then it should be thrown out and a special election should be immediately called for.

Yet more CO2 Insnaity.

Source: Sacramento Bee

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