AB32 Green jobs in California already dying

Well, here we go already. A mere two days after the mid-term election in California and green jobs are already dying. Don’t say that me and a lot of other people didn’t tell you so!

Why is this remarkable? Because Proposition 23 was on the California’s mid-term ballot. Proposition 23 would have delayed implementation of the draconian and costly AB32 in California until the unemployment level fell to a reasonable level, something not unreasonable considering the state of the economy. The only problem with this concept is that much of the California electorate evidently lacks common sense and Prop 23 was killed at the ballot box two days ago.

The backers of AB32, whom I’ll call “big green,” had a large part in spending money to motivate the winning no vote.  Greentard hypocrites like Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Cameron, Bill Gates and other assorted millionaires and billionaires were against Prop 23. Wealthy hypocrites who have no compunction flying around the globe with CO2 spewing out of their private jets and living in huge houses while telling us commoners to live in caves and take the bus.

If you think they want to save the planet you’re what I’d call gullible, or perhaps they are. Let’s follow some of that money and see if we get the usual answer about the rich getting richer or not. Again, a small fortune was spent trying to squash Prop 23. In addition to Cameron and Gates donating money, billionaire hedge fund manager Tom Steyer donated $5  million. You can read more about him here and make your own decision as to what his agenda is. Per that article he’s ” invested in a leading Chinese photovoltaic solar panel supply company – Yingli Green Energy Holding Company – that will take numerous potential jobs away from California and domestic U.S. solar suppliers.” Hmmmm. Sounds like more California green jobs may get flushed. I wonder if Schwarzenegger, Cameron, Gates, Gore or other rich hypocrite greentards have any money invested in this hedge fund? That would certainly be convenient and appalling, especially after their push for no on 23.

Today, two days post election, we find out that in spite of the claims that leaving AB32 in place it would create about 500,000 green jobs, we already have problems with green jobs being lost at a green solar panel manufacturing plant in Fremont, California, called Solyndra who are having problems with the other kind of green called money. It seems an amazing coincidence that the article in the Contra Costa Times about Solyndra didn’t appear until after the election. Did Solyndra hold back releasing this information until after the election in an effort to prevent those no on 23 votes from turning into yes votes that would delay AB32 and cause problems for those rich greentard investors and Obama? I can’t say, but the timing certainly seems convenient.

To highlight the article:

  • Solyndra, if you remember, was visited by President Obama and touted as being so wonderful. $535 million “wonderful”
  • Instead of having 2 plants, they will now close one, leaving only the new one running. (Flush!)
  • Instead of having 2,000 green jobs, they’ll can 1,000 people and we’ll only have 1,000 green jobs. (Flush!)
  • They will also eliminate 155 to 175 jobs at the new Fremont plant. (Total of 1,155 to 1,175 green jobs down the toilet – flush!)
  • The Obama Administration gave them $535 million in loan guarantees. (Tax dollars down the toilet?)
  • Private investment is $1 Billion. (Down the toilet?)
  • Solyndra was going to have an Initial Public Offering of stock (IPO) but cancelled it. That’s an estimated $300 million they didn’t get. (Not even in the toilet?)

So, two days after Prop 23 was voted down we have our first green-tech company in California having major problems. If they are having major trouble after an infusion of about $1.535 billion dollars, I have to wonder just how good these wonderful green jobs that AB32 is allegedly going to create will be? How many hundreds of millions or billions of tax dollars will be required to subsidize them? Will there even be a significant amount of green jobs created? Or, will they end up in some other state or country where operating costs are cheaper and regulations fewer? Remember, the goal of business is to make money, not employ California Hippies.

So what’s the problem? To quote the article……

The company seeks to slash production costs amid fierce competition from rival manufacturers in China and the United States. (Places easier and cheaper to do business in – big surprise)

“Solar has become incredibly competitive,” Miller said. (Did they think they were going to have a monopoly on it?)

Gee, you’d think some “genius” would have figured out that…..

  • Contrary to Keynesian economics there is a real market out there and that the more competition you have the more the prices will drop. (duh?)
  • That California has to be about the worst place in the US to do business in as far as dealing with stifling regulations, bureaucracy, high taxes, high labor and property costs. (Duh?)
  • That the Chinese are force majeure as far as manufacturing anything and will blow just about anyone out of the water by being able to make things at a lessor cost. Absent that they’ll try to dump stuff at a loss until they control the market. Ask the steel industry.

California, we have a gigantic budding problem! WAKE UP! We just lost 1,155 to 1,175 jobs and there is a good possibility that $535 million tax dollars is going down the toilet, not to mention another $1 billion in private money. We have other jobs leaving California, for the same reasons. Now that prop 23 has failed, we will no doubt have more jobs fleeing the state as fast as they can because doing business in California is already bad enough and dealing with AB32 will just be too much.

What will happen to Solyndra? The article claims they may still make it, though I’d ask if so,at what cost? They obviously have big money problems and someone’s either going to have to give them a major cash infusion, they will have to sell, or they’ll have to file for bankruptcy. Who will they turn to? Will the Obama administration pump more of your tax dollars into this in an effort to save face? Will California dump money they don’t have due to an estimated $20 billion budget deficit into it? Will those private investors cut their losses and pull out? Will the Chinese swoop in and buy Solyndra for ten-cents on the dollar, then move the facility to China costing more California green jobs?

I don’t know, but this seems to be one helluva good indication that those green jobs that AB32 is going to supposedly create just may be a big crock that the over ripe greentards in California have allowed to stand.

Source: Contra Costa Times


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2 responses to “AB32 Green jobs in California already dying

  1. Brad Johnson

    Wait, we shouldn’t believe in Keynesian economics because the Chinese do?

  2. Lee

    No we shouldn’t believe in Keynesian economics because it is flawed and will never work and never has worked. Simpleton!