Republicans Promise Global Warming Investigation

Finally! The day I’ve been waiting for may come! Info Wars has an article titled “New Republican House Promises Investigation of Global Warming Fraud.” I just can’t wait to see this one. I’m begging C-Span to televise this one from beginning to end! I want to put it on a DVR so I can have something to enjoy in my old age.

One of the first tasks of the new Republican-controlled House of Congress will be to launch a full investigation into the man-made global warming fraud, as the climate change con that threatens to tax and regulate the American middle class out of existence is exposed to what could prove terminal scrutiny.

“The GOP plans to hold high-profile hearings examining the alleged “scientific fraud” behind global warming, a sleeper issue in this election that motivated the base quite a bit,” writes the Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder.

Any proper investigation into global warming is likely to turn up a plethora of evidence of fraud and scientific manipulation.

Likely? I’d say if they do a proper job of it that they can’t help but find fraud and manipulation. If they don’t, then I”m going to wonder who’s paying them off! This was a huge issue with me in the recent election and obviously it’s a huge issue with me all the time. Don’t do it and anyone with (I) in front of their name on the ballot is fair game in 2012.

This will also free up resources, funding and time for the real environmental problems in the world to be tackled head on, not the ones invented by Al Gore, Maurice Strong and the rest of the global elite, who couldn’t care less about the environment but have sought to exploit genuine concerns about the planet to push through their dictatorial agenda.

Investigating all this BS is something me and many others have advocated since Climategate reared its ugly head. There are so many other  issues that time and money can be spent on such as pollution, education, feeding the poor and many others. Defunding the EPA and telling California they can’t have it their libtard way with thing like setting their own emissions standards for cars and having their own little global warming fiefdom (AB32) are no-no’s would be an excellent start. Getting rid of the loon’s who work at places like NASA, NOAA and GISS who like to screw with data to get it to “prove” their lame-ass global warming theories would be a nice follow-up. (Note I believe most of the people at those institutions are terrific, we all know who I’m referring to).

As long as I have my wish list going I’d pay good money to see the US pull out of the United Nations and evict them from New York. Send them to a nice mosquito infested swamp in Siberia or a “wonderful” place like North Korea or Iran.

I’d write my congressional representatives, but I’m sure sending letters or e-mails to Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein would be a waste of paper or electricity as they’d fall upon deaf ears, not to mention that they’d have to commit murder before the libtards in California wouldn’t re-elect them. Remember, this is the state that elects dead people, one can’t expect any sanity at election time.

Perhaps there’s light at the end of the CO2 Insanity tunnel. I wonder if Al Gore will move to some country with no extradition treaty with the US?

You can read it all at the source below.

Source: Infowars

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  1. Don’t hold your breath. The Republicans are in this just as much as the Democrats. The Republicans are just sneakier.