AB32: Conned in California

Well, here’s more.  Yesterday, a mere 2 days after the election we found out about 1,000 + green jobs being dumped by Solyndra along with one of their manufacturing plants being shuttered.  Today we find out how much Californians will be bending over to the CO2 gods who will be emptying their wallets faster than you can say carbon!

This was released on March 24, 2010 by the AB32 Implementation Group about what the cost of implementing this total ripoff of Californians will cost.  Here’s the highlights for you:

  • An up to 60 percent increase in your electricity bill according to the Southern California Public Power Authority
  • An 8 percent increase in your natural gas bill according to CARB’s original economic analysis
  • $50,000 more for the price of a new home subject to the AB 32 Scoping Plan recommendations for a zero net energy home according to an analysis by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • $3.7 billion a year more for gasoline and diesel according to Sierra Research
  • A $1,000-$3,000 additional cost for a new car according to CARB and automaker studies
  • According to a recent study commissioned by the AB 32 Implementation Group, the AB 32 cap-and-trade regulations with an auction tax alone would increase basic household costs by$818 to more than $9300 per year per family. These higher costs would lead to job losses of in the range of 76,000 per year to more than 1.6 million a year, depending upon the rate of the new auction tax on carbon. There would be a loss about $250 billion to $350 billion over ten years in economic activity, or nearly 2% of gross state product.
  • The cost of allocating cap-and-trade permits would be $143 billion, at $60 per ton, between 2012 and 2020 for California government agencies and businesses according to CARB’sEconomic and Allocation Advisory Committee
  • CARB’s Economic and Allocation Advisory Committee found that low-income families would be particularly disadvantaged by the higher electricity, gasoline and natural gas cost increases their report predicted would occur as a result of AB 32. In addition EAAC-2-stated: “AB 32 is likely to raise fuel and energy prices, and these price increases will be reflected in higher process of consumer goods
  • Under a section entitled Offering Assistance to Displaced California Workers, CARB’sEconomic and Allocation Advisory Committee conceded that AB 32 would result in lost jobs and opined: Fairness considerations suggest possibly using allowance value to fund worker transition assistance (WTA) for any California firms’ employees who might lose their jobs or their fulltime status due to the AB 32 greenhouse gas reduction program.
  • A study by the University of California, Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education found that more than three million jobs could be impacted by new AB 32 regulations and/ora cap-and-trade program. These jobs are in manufacturing, fuel extraction, energy generation, waste and water services. There are a high concentration of well-paying, blue collar union jobs in these sectors, and these jobs are disproportionately filled by men,Latinos and workers with lower than average years of education. These three million jobs represent 20% of all California jobs, and the sheer number of these jobs dwarfs the number of jobs in new green businesses

There you go. Do you think James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Bill Gates give a hoot? Nope! Think all those people who’ve invested in green tech in China give a hoot? Nope! There are vanities to be stroked and money to be made at the expense of the suckers of California who voted NO on Prop 23, thus leaving AB32 in place.

I hope the aforementioned hypocrite greentards will at least provide everyone in the state with a tube of K-Y Jelly so it doesn’t hurt so much while we’re being screwed out of billions of dollars to prevent a non-existent problem called anthropogenic global warming.

More CO2 Insanity.

You can read the report here (PDF).


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2 responses to “AB32: Conned in California

  1. mary

    Any one with any money will take their money and run to “greener” pastures, no pun intended, leaving Ca with a big welfare population, under ground economy of illegals, and unfunded gov union salaries and pensions. Guess what will happen then? Answer, the gov unions will discover that drill baby drill is not such a bad idea after all and drive out the blood sucking greeniesn who helped turn ca into a third world country

  2. Theophrastus

    There is no hope left for California to turn things around any time soon. It will have to crash completely before there is a chance for any meaningful reform. Only when there is nothing left for anyone will the special interests let go.