The future of California?

A place in the sun: Farmers are being offered up to £50,000 a year to fill fields with solar panels. Source the Daily Mail

Now that California has gone total greentard, via voting no on Prop 23, I suppose we’ll be seeing increases in the number of wind farms and solar panels to satisfy the regulations in AB32, California’s global warming law. California’s mantra seems to be “we’re going to save the world in spite of the fact that most of the rest of the planet isn’t bothering to, 25% of our pollution comes from China, it’s going to raise costs and bankrupt us.”

Generally, people say what goes on in California gets followed by the rest of the country. This time, In California’s case, I think it’s more like California is following Europe, right into Bankruptcy Court. This CO2 insanity has been approved by the voters who are evidently clueless about what this is going to do to the cost of electricity, gas, oil, food, clothing, housing, cars and anything else you care to name that Californian’s purchase.

The latest grentardness comes from the UK, and it makes me wonder if this might not perhaps be what California’s future looks like. There’s an article in the Daily Mail this morning titled “The solar panel gold rush that threatens to ruin our countryside…and make millions for the Germans and Chinese.” It kind of sounds like what’s going on in already. It seems to me that those California green jobs are already in trouble and the Germans (read Siemens) are already making wind turbines in Kansas because they’s be nuts to try to do this in California for obvious reasons. I’d predict neither solar or wind turbine manufacturing in California will be the big green jobs deal that people claim it will be and only end up making the rich, richer. Per the Daily Mail….

Farmers are being offered up to £50,000 ($81,138 USD) a year to fill fields with solar panels under a Government-backed green initiative that threatens to change the face of the British countryside.

More than 100 planning applications have been submitted and work on a large-scale installation in Wiltshire is due to begin later this month.

But with a 30-acre farm able to accommodate up to 18,000 of the 2ft-high panels, campaigners fear some rural areas could be submerged by a sea of black silicon slabs.

The influx is led by German and Chinese companies, but there is also interest from speculators who have seen profits slump since similar schemes were scaled down or abandoned in Spain, Italy and Germany to cut costs.

There’s your hint about how good this will be for California. The speculators basically screwed the pooch in Spain, Italy and Germany, so now, like grifters, they’re off for greener pastures. It sounds like (except for Bernie Madoff) that it’s the ultimate con-game of all time. Use being green to abscond with everyone’s green (money), then leave town before they figure out they got screwed. It will cost the people of the UK a lot of money, both now and later. Where the greentards get the idea that solar power is free is beyond me.

But experts have estimated the cost to consumers, via higher energy bills, at £8.6 billion ($13.9 billion USD).

Oh well, what’s screwing people out of a mere £8.6 billion when we’re saving the planet from non-existent anthropogenic global warming? Have to make all those foreign wind and solar manufacturing companies and solar-grifters wealthy you know. It sounds to me like something the greentards in California are eager to emulate. I”m sure the solar-grifters already have us in their sights.

There’s at least one farmer in Britain hasn’t taken the bait.

Russell Hayman, who runs a farm near Honiton, Devon, was cold-called by a land agent who offered an annual £500 an acre in return for installing hundreds of solar panels in his fields.

Mr Hayman, who turned down the proposal, said: ‘If the subsidy was abolished, that would leave me with no income and a load of wires lying across my land.’

Oops! There’s that subsidy word. This farmer is very astute as many farmers are. He’s astute enough to look that proverbial gift horse in the mouth and pass. He’s seen what has happened in Spain and Germany and Italy and knows that there will be problems. Their governments couldn’t keep up the subsidies, so the solar-grfters have fled to the UK where they haven’t a clue they’re like lambs for the slaughter. Sure, governments make promises to keep subsidies and they make promises about tax breaks, which are all easily broken when money gets tight.

This farmer is very aware that when the money runs out he’s going to be left with a pile of scrap that will have to be removed, no doubt at his personal cost before he can go back to farming. Do you think California can really afford to subsidize this nonsense with a $20 billion budget deficit and $500 billion in unfunded pensions? I don’t. Someone’s going to end up paying for all of this and it’s going to be, as usual the taxpayer/consumer who will be hit with taxes, fees and increased power rates to pay for it.

Think this will create a bunch of green jobs for California? I don’t! You see, one of the great proponents of voting no on Prop 23 has invested in the same solar plant in China that’s pushing this in the UK, which is Yingli Green Energy of China. You can read about him and his investments href=””>here and draw your own conclusions about what his deal is. As previously mentioned Solyndra, a solar panel manufacturer is already having problems you can read about href=””>here. No this won’t be some panacea for California jobs at all. You may get a slight bump installing all the solar panels, but after that it won’t take more than a couple of workers to maintain the system.

There’s another thing that the article failed to mention. If the farm land is all taken over by solar panels I’d like to know who’s going to grow crops that feed people? Will we end  up starving ourselves to help stop non-existent anthropogenic global warming? Or, will countries like Britain and the US end up with even larger trade imbalances as they’ll be importing most of their food from other countries?

Regardless, it’s more Co2 Insanity.

Source:The Daily Mail


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  1. Ralph

    “I’d predict neither solar or wind turbine manufacturing in California will be the big green jobs”

    But there will be a bonanza of “green jobs” washing all those solar panels. Keep ’em clean or they don’t put out.