Closing Chicago Climate Exchange costs taxpayers

While I’m happy carbon trading just died, it seems one astute person has picked up on the fact that even in the CCX’s death throws they will have one final screw of the US taxpayers. From American Thinker we get an article appropriately titled “Money for nothin’.”

Why are welfare queens sent to prison while eco-capitalists buy mansions?  It appears that the carbon credit trading exchange some eco-capitalists sold just a few months ago for $634.5M is now worthless.  According to the Financial Times

The owner of the US’s only nationwide cap-and-trade market has signaled the death of the seven-year-old industry, saying companies were no longer interested in trading carbon emissions credits in the absence of government legislation.

Start bending over while you read the rest of the article at the source below. More CO2 Insanity.

Source: American Thinker

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