Is NASA Bonkers?

Is NASA or someone at NASA bonkers? I was just going over my news stuff on Yahoo and from the NASA Earth Observatory box  I saw an item titled “Arctic Sea Ice Melting and Moving” that was noted as put up 7 hours ago (it’s 6:03PM in New York right now). I found the premise interesting, especially since it’s getting to be winter in the Arctic and the sea ice is building again.

Clicking upon the link I went directly to this page at NASA Earth Observatory. (I took a screen shot for posterity in case it “inconveniently” disappears at a later date – if so, put a comment up and I’ll put the screenshot up.

Nice pictures eh? The same ones are at the top of my post. Their post is dated today (November 10, 2010), so it’s not an old article. If you look underneath each photo there are dates. Note the year on those photos. RADARSAT mosaic April 2008, April 30, 2008 and November 30, 2008.

Now, I don’t know about you but I have to question why NASA would publish what I consider to be an alarmist article about the melting sea ice in the Arctic that’s based upon data from 2008? Is it funding time? Are they worried about what’s going to happen with the Republicans taking over the House of Representatives and feel the need to (pardon the pun) turn the heat up?

Or, is it merely that someone at NASA is trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes? As you can see from the below chart the sea ice really is building already, it’s not melting. Moreover, it’s slightly above 2009 and also above 2007 which is a good sign it could be building back up from the 2007 low. Perhaps a mistake?

Well, at least they didn’t include a touchy-feely photo of mama polar bear and her cubs supposedly stranded on a small iceberg. Seems like more CO2 insanity to me.

Source: NASA Earth Observatory

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