Whales now need sunscreen

Greenpeace slathers sunscreen on whales

Good Lord! I keep thinking they’ll run out of BS about things caused or causing global warming but the  list just keeps getting longer and longer! We have the Warmlist who keeps track of this, but I’m beginning to worry that they’ll run out of bandwidth before the warmistas run out of bullshit.

Today we have a post that cracked me up at the Telegraph newspaper website in the UK. The latest in a long list is Whales ‘sunburned’ by thinning ozone.” Now I don’t know about how you feel, but to me, this is becoming totally absurd and even possibly asinine. It is almost like some of these warmer scientists are having a contest to see who can come up with the silliest idea.

Everything and anything causes or is caused by global warming, climate change or climate disruption. Priceline has “name your price” the global warmists have “name your absurdity.”

Whales needing sunscreen? I can see it all now. A Greenpeace ship pulls up next to a whale pod and launches boats full of greentards who run about slathering sunscreen on all the whales so they don’t get sunburn. I suppose they’ll apply it with gigantic cotton swabs? I hope it’s the waterproof kind.

My only question is…..will they use SPF 30 or SPF 50? I do think that I’ll buy stock in Coppertone, whose new ad may be something like, “Get new Coppertone SPF 5o suntan lotion in whale size 100 gallon barrels!”

Instead of “save the whales” we may hear “slather the whales.” What next? Sunglasses for seals?

Yet more CO2 insanity.

Source: The Telegraph

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