If UN ‘Climate Tax’ doesn’t rip us off for billions ‘Climate Court’ will


Judgement for Bolivia! $200 bazillion dollars from the US Yankee Dogs!


Cap & Trade is about DOA and deservedly so. The result is that everyone is clamoring to find a new way to rip off so-called “rich” countries and redistribute wealth to poor countries who will no doubt piss it away and/or it will end up in some dictator’s Swiss bank account. If you actually think any of it will go to “cure” problems caused by non-existent anthropogenic global warming I feel sorry for you. If you want an example look at all the money sent to Haiti after their earthquake and how little has been done. Another subject but I do wonder where all that money is going.

The UN (with motivation from George Soros) is now trying to figure out how to extort $100 billion from the world based upon a phony carbon tax scheme. They’re desperate to get everyone to bend over and agree to this in Cancun, Mexico at the next big climate meeting. It seem that if that fails we now have a backup plan being started. If it emits CO2 they want to tax it the result being that since they claim about everything emits CO2 that about everything will be taxed if they get this rammed through. If you eat, drive, fly, cruise, take the train, heat your house you will be paying a carbon tax according to this scheme.

Evidently someone sees that the UN isn’t having much luck these days getting any countries to agree on anything, regardless if it’s about global warming or world finance. Actually that’s fine with me and I wish the US would toss them out of the country head-first.  The membership of their Human Rights Commission tells you how useless this organization has become. You have:

  • Thailand, home of child prostitution
  • Saudi Arabia (yes they just give their females so many “rights” (like being beaten by your hubby his just fine with them)
  • Libya, who promotes the “human right” of bombing planes carrying large numbers of innocent people
  • Mexico – so rampant with crime and corruption that millions try to illegally enter the US to get away from it
  • China – another “stellar” place for human rights, as long as you don’t piss off the government and get locked up for a few decades
  • Cuba – the worker’s tropical paradise

We also have the UN Women’s Rights Council who just elected Iran to a seat. Yes, Iran, that wonderful Sharia paradise where women get stoned to death or hung for having affairs. How much more into ensuring women have rights than that?

Not nutty enough for you? OK now we get a new one. Per today’s Guardian newspaper website we now have a new and “exciting” thing being developed called “Climate Court,” which no doubt will end up being a “Kangaroo Court” designed to rip off rich countries in the name of global warming. I wonder if they’ll get Kim il Jong Judy to run it? The title of the article is……

Oxfam’s fantasy ‘climate court’ is both prescient and practical

Over a thousand legal experts, politicians and economists gathered in Dhaka this week to explore routes to justice for the victims of climate criminals – and found that precedents exist

Pretty good that “thousands of legal experts, politicians and economist” can afford to go on a junket like this when the global economy sucks. I wonder what the assholes would say if someone suggested that if they’re so concerned about redistributing wealth then how about they stay home and use Go to Meeting or something? I bet you’d see a huge sense of entitlement were you to suggest it. Kind of like our President Obama who never saw a vacation or junket he didn’t like. While us peons can eat cake, while he spend-spend-spends.

So what are they planning on doing? What’s the scam? Read on……

Imagine an international court where the poorest people in the world could sue countries such as the US or Britain for failing to keep to agreements to reduce climate emissions or for knowingly causing devastating climate change.

It’s some way off, (Editor: That’s a good thing!) but this week has seen an extraordinary tribunal being held in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, with more than 1,200 people including British lawyers, politicians and economists, listening to the testimonies of villagers living at the frontline of climate change.

It was only a mock tribunal, organised by Oxfam, but it explored the growing idea that the largest carbon emitters should be bound by international law to protect the lives and livelihoods of those most at risk from the impacts of climate change.

Tribunal? Let’s see, we get screams from the liberals about holding tribunals for the terrorists held at Guantanamo bay, but it’s perfectly OK to have a tribunal to extort from rich countries and give to the poor countries. So what kind of “problems” do we have that warrant screwing billions?

The stories the tribunal heard were heartbreaking. Mamtaz, one of four plaintiffs, wanted to know who was legally responsible for her fisherman husband’s death. She and others testified that the seas off Bangladesh are now rougher more often and that boats were capsized more frequently in the increasingly stormy weather. Barek Majhi, a fisherman, told the tribunal how his three trawlers had sunk and ruined his means of making a living.

It’s called weather and knowing Bangladesh you can damn well bet that the boats were most likely leaky pieces of crap and perhaps they aren’t the best seafarers either. Actually one would think Greenpeace would be applauding this because they won’t be plucking fish and dolphins out of the sea, a problem they only seem to have with Japanese whaling ships for some strange reason.

They want to carry the treat of causing major problems for anyone who doesn’t pay them off.

The cries for climate justice are growing stronger by the day. In Latin America, President Evo Morales has formally proposed to the UN that an International Court of Climate Justice is established. It would have the capacity to restrain, prosecute and punish states, companies and people who, by act or omission, make major contributions to climate change.

It seems Evo is a communist who, like Hugo Chavez want to take everything over and “redistribute” the wealth. It appears that every time this happens though, that “redistributed” wealth doesn’t do much good for the people who really need it. I wonder if Hugo and Evo have a joint numbered bank account in the Cayman Islands to stash loot in? Face it, they want to use Climate Court as a tool to extort money from rich countries and shift more power to the United Nations who appear hell-bent on becoming your “friendly” one world government.

Figuratively speaking, if your outhouse in Seattle can be smelled in Vancouver, the Canadians could sue you under this proposed law. Fly a jet over Bolivia and old Evo will be suing  you for causing pollution. Drum up some BS about the US causing climate change causing a camel shortage in Iran and that sawed off runt in his dated “Members Only” tan jacket will be suing our socks off.

This is a very bad idea that if allowed to happen will cause global chaos, which is just what the UN wants. Then they will use it as an excuse to take everything over under the guise of us all needing the UN to run the world so we’re all calm and happy. Then you’ll really see some redistribution of wealth, which I assure you is CO2 insanity.

Source: The Guardian

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