Governator hosts global warming fraudsters


This is how big the global warming lie is! Pick from Twitpic


Ahh you have to love California. We’re about broke, $6 billion deficit by the latest estimate and only a “mere” $500 billion or so in unfunded pensions, yet we certainly seem to have the money to spend to make Ahnold feel like he’s a real important. He’s like the greenest governor in history dude.

Todays excess is “Governor’s Global Climate Summit 3, being held at the University of Davis. It’s like don’t we already have enough global warming fraudsters running about to Copenhagen, Japan, Cancun and other assorted places? They now have to increase that carbon footprint and come to California?Like do we really need to have another climate vacation, I mean conference?

Today’s conference opens at Mondavi Winery. The above photo was posted at Twitpic here , by Ahnold in a pose in which he appears to possibly be describing how big the anthropogenic global warming lie is. Yes governor, it’s certainly a whopper! I now know why it’s windy this afternoon in the bay area, it’s due to all that hot air emanating from the Mondavi Winery, not the weather or even global warming. Below are two tweets from him.

So who’s there besides Ahnold? We have Rajendra Pachauri there, the IPCC chair of “Climategate” fame, who seems to like to BS everybody about those Himalayan glaciers melting by 2035 and other assorted things; Harrison Ford, actor and evidently now self-proclaimed “environmentalist” better known as another Hollywood actor who probably wouldn’t know global warming if it hit him in the face; Prince Charles, who rides around Britain in an old train that runs on biofuel and tells everyone to save energy and lower their carbon footprint; we have several people from China, who must have come to California to see their pollution that blows across the Pacific Ocean to California; Sansjui Lamido and another guy from Nigeria, perhaps here to try the Nigerian Scam out on Ahnold; Mary Nichols, from the California Air Resources Board who likes hiring people with mail-order PhD’s and inflating diesel emissions figures by 340%; and a host of others who must buy into the anthropogenic global warming fraud either from ignorance or making huge profits.

I must confess I’m disappointed James Cameron isn’t on the list. Perhaps he could have entertained everyone with a “high noon shootout” or something.  Oh well, perhaps he’s playing with his fleet of submarines or jetting about the globe trying to save is all, doing his best to be a global warming hypocrite.

Here’s a list of their “accomplishments” from their website. Good for a laugh anyway. Sounds more like a way for all these people to fly to California and go wine tasting on someone else’s (usually the taxpayers) dime.


Thanks to our partners and the overwhelming success from the past two summits, we have made great strides in the fight against climate change. Below are a few examples of our accomplishments.

  • Recognition of the role of subnational governments in Copenhagen and reference to subnational governments in the UN Long Term Cooperative Agreement
  • Governors’ Global Climate Summit Declarations
  • Monarch Butterfly Habitat Letter of Intent between the Mexico Ecolife Foundation and State of California
  • Forestry Leadership Letter: A Call for leadership “Protecting the lungs of our planet”
  • “A New Green Deal for Africa” Statement of Intent Between the United Nations Development Programme and State of California
  • California-Jiangsu China Partnership/Framework Agreement on Strategic Cooperation of Energy and Environment

Sounds like pretty heady stuff indeed that will surely cure that nasty non-existent anthropogenic global warming. Actually it sounds more like a gigantic waste of money designed to make Ahnold look like he actually did something while governor besides screw us with AB32, leave us with a $6 billion budget deficit, smoke cigars in a tent outside the capitol building in Sacramento and hypocritically commute to and from Sacramento in a private jet.

More Co2 insanity. Or, perhaps inanity is a more appropriate word.

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One response to “Governator hosts global warming fraudsters

  1. Ralph

    All of these “climate summits” are nothing more than an excuse for politicians to take a tax payer funded vacation.