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Is Google Biased Towards "Warmer" News?


It’s rather amusing to me that while the theory of anthropogenic global warming is being trashed on a regular basis, I see what appears to be Google News getting shriller by the day regarding all the things that might happen due to that non-existent global warming. I subscribe to their news and specifically their sections titled “Climate Change, Global Warming and  Earth Science.” Below is a list of today’s alarming articles that go back to mine and other’s theory that everything is caused by global warming as far as the “warmers” are concerned.


  • Factbox: Climate change poses thread to middle east
  • As Glaciers Melt Scientists Seek New Data on Rising Seas
  • A climate plan for climate-change deniers
  • Opinion: Governor’s wrong direction on global warming
  • How NZ is planning for climate change
  • Climate change it’s effects in the Philippines
  • Sea-level rise threatens Alexandria, Nile Delta
  • Climate change threatens Lebanon’s Snow Cedars
  • Climate change worsens plight of Iraqi farmers


  • Climate cost worry grows
  • How NZ is planning for climate change
  • Oil demand peak ‘by 2020’ if CO2 cut aggressively
  • It also has most of the ones noted under “CLIMATE CHANGE”


  • How should we live with global environmental uncertainty?
  • Dot Earth: Scientists Join Forces in a Hostile Climate
  • Earth witnessed extreme global warming about 40mn years ago

They try to make it seem like this is all random and they have nothing to say about what articles show up via the following note at the bottom of the page.

“The selection and placement of stories on this page were determined automatically by a computer program.The time or date displayed reflects when an article was added to or updated in Google News.

Nice try, except didn’t we forget that someone had to write that program? Did a human not tell it what kind of articles to pick? Or, is it indeed set up to be a random selection? I don’t work at Google so I really can’t say anything other than I’m suspicious.

Or, is this merely a non-biased reflection that the preponderance of articles being published nowadays favor the “warmer” side of things? I do see an article now and then from the skeptic side, but they seem to be few and far between.

Just thought I’d point this out so you can have something to think about. Does Google bias it’s news selections to favor the alarmist “warmer” side? Or, do we have a mainstream and non-mainstream media pumping out this many alarmist “warmer” biased articles?

Either way it shows we still have plenty of CO2 insanity to go around.

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