Global Warming Loses Public Interest and Scientific Confidence: John O’Sullivan

Despite greater scientific doubt and falling public interest the mainstream media is still avidly trumpeting the doomsaying clamor to bored viewers.

Australia’s ABC is the latest mainstream media outlet accused of failing to be objective in how it presents key environmental issues. ABC’s “favorite psychologist” Stephan Lewandowsky now claims man-made global warming is as real as the theory of gravity.

Disgruntled Aussie geologist Marc Hendrickx has blasted back at Lewandowsky, as reported on Greenie Watch (November 11, 2010) and Hendrickx is not alone. Recently Professor Hal Lewis famously resigned from the American Physical Society rejecting the “global warming scam” and was roundly applauded by many of his peers. But as more scientists and voters reject the green hype most of the mainstream media are just not presenting both sides of the story.

Hendrickx pulls apart Lewandowsky’s piece titled “Climate change: are you willing to take the risk?” The geologist accuses Lewandowsky of vastly exaggerating the level of certainty in climate science. He says “ if we apply the same level of uncertainty inherent in climate science concepts to other disciplines it seems there is little to justify Lewandowsky’s level of confidence.” Recent evidence shows Hendrickx has a valid point.

The rest at Suite 101 contains the following:

  • Mainstream Media Disconnect with Scientific Evidence
  • U.N.’s IPCC is the Crumbling Cornerstone of Climate Claims
  • Cancun Climate Conference Likely to be Last

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