Block These People

Above you can see we here we have more libtard nonsense from Chris Funderburg who’s evidently afraid of anyone who has an opinion contrary to his. This is your typical liberal response – censorship of anything that doesn’t agree with their pointed view of life. He actually presumes that anyone actually gives a shit about his opinion and will follow his instructions and block anyone he doesn’t like. Amazing hubris!

On his personal Twitter site below, he notes he’s an ex-Texan. Judging by his description of himself I bet Texas is glad he moved to the UK 14 years ago. Chris, perhaps you probably couldn’t hack Texas, which is why you left?


By the way Chris, what overwhelming proof do you have? Please cite it because all I see out there is that the bullshit party called global warming is getting busted day by day. You can also note I don’t censor any comments on my website except spam. You can feel free to spout your libtard BS all you like and it will be posted.

Unlike you libtards I do believe in free speech.

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