Another IPCC Oops about Greenland Ice

Well, so much for global warming melting all that ice in Greenland. According to this item titled “Greenland Ice Sheet Flow Driven by Short-Term Weather Extremes, Not Gradual Warming, Research Reveals” from Science Daily, that’s another bunch of warmer BS!

Sudden changes in the volume of meltwater contribute more to the acceleration — and eventual loss — of the Greenland ice sheet than the gradual increase of temperature, according to a University of British Columbia study.

Now a new study, published in the journal Nature, shows that a steady meltwater supply from gradual warming may in fact slow down glacier flow, while sudden water input could cause glaciers to speed up and spread, resulting in increased melt.

Sudden water input – not warming! Get it? Weather not global warming! Get it?

“It turns out that, contrary to popular belief, Greenland ice sheet flow might not be accelerated by increased melting after all,” says Shepherd, who was not involved in the research or peer review of the paper.

Oh well, the IPCC gets slapped silly again. Why people still believe them is beyond me. You can read the whole thing at the source below.

Source: Science Daily

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