Dr. Richard Gierak: Global warming not caused by humans

If the Maldives are sinking then who'd want to buy a resort there?

This is an interesting take on why global warming and cooling are a natural process via an article by the same title in the Siskiyou Daily. More evidence of CO2 Insanity running amok with regards to global warming.

Global warming advocates have attempted to blame rising planetary temperatures on human activity. The following will demonstrate that we are looking at a natural planetary cycle where carbon dioxide is rising in the atmosphere due to ocean warming, volcanic activity and earthquake data, which all correlate with each other.

You can read the whole article at the source below. However there is one comment I find of particular interest about sea-levels, especially since we’re subjected to almost daily rants due to the Cancun Climate Conference about all these disappearing islands like the Maldives.

It has been touted that the oceans are rising to new heights based on melting of glaciers; however, the following press release from NASA is of interest:

PASADENA, Calif. (UPI) – (Sept. 2010) NASA says new images from its Jason-2 oceanography satellite shows the tropical Pacific has switched from El Niño warm conditions to La Niña cool conditions.

“The central equatorial Pacific Ocean could stay colder than normal into summer and beyond,” said oceanographer and climatologist Bill Patzert at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. “That’s because sea level is already about 4 inches below normal, creating a significant deficit of the heat stored in the upper ocean. The next few months will reveal if the current cooling trend will eventually evolve into a long-lasting La Niña situation.”

Patzert said a La Niña is essentially the opposite of an El Niño and is associated with less atmospheric moisture, resulting in less rain along the coasts of North and South America. La Niñas also tend to increase the number of tropical storms in the Atlantic.

So in less than a year the Pacific has gone from El Nino warm to La Nina cool and the sea-level of the Pacific Ocean has dropped 4 inches. A trend that will probably continue as the ocean cools due to the La Nina condition.

So, we appear to have more information that leads to the conclusion that the Maldives won’t be sinking any time soon. I guess that’s why they’re trying to promote buying resorts there. If they were really sinking who’d want to make an investment like that besides Captain Nemo? Furthermore, if they’re sinking, then why the hell are they spending $78 million to expand their airport? Hmmmmm? I have to question if global warming isn’t just a good excuse for them to get free billions from the UN, most of which probably come from the US.

Source: Siskiyou Daily


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5 responses to “Dr. Richard Gierak: Global warming not caused by humans

  1. Russell

    Posts like that one don’t help the non- AGW argument much. While the degree of correlation between warming and CO2 is in question, the sources of CO2 are more accurately known. The link between atmospheric CO2 levels and human CO2 production is reasonably well demonstrated and there are means of demonstrating the approximate ratio of anthropogenic and natural contributions “post priori”. The large majority of competent scientists on either “side” of the “discussion” do not doubt that anthropogenic CO2 is a significant contributor to atmospheric levels. That doesn’t make it true – but it does make it something which needs noting in related discussions.

    SO, when we read ” … carbon dioxide is rising in the atmosphere due to ocean warming, volcanic activity and earthquake data, …” with NO reference to anthropogenic sources – with no acknowledgement that natural sources are by no means the only contributor to global CO2 levels, then the original writer’s competence and/or honesty are in question. Quoting them favorably and unquestioningly does not promote confidence re the rigor of any related AAGW arguments.

  2. Well that’s really for you to judge, I just put down what he’s claiming.

  3. have you seen this


    its the new airport for the Maldives, for the next 25 years.

    I have added you to the blogroll of AGW deniers

  4. Cold Wind

    Satlelite data indicates a cooling trend. Moreover, for the past ten years or so other data indicates a similar trend: the earth has been cooling. This despite a measurable increase in CO2. Also, NASA predicts 30 years of cooling. We can be certain that the AGW people will exaggerate the amount of CO2 contributed by humans and minimize the natural contribution, even though there has been a record number of volcanic erruptions in the recent period. But here’s the thing; despite a measurable CO2 increase people are freezing the world over! I am sick of the AGW people and don’t believe a word they say.