‘I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now’

If you’re an old geezer you probably remember that song by Judy Collins ‘Both Sides Now’ from 1969.  We now have a claim that those clouds cause positive feedback, no negative feedback  regarding global warming. USA Today Science Fair has an article titled ‘Climate change forecast is partly cloudy‘ claiming……

A new study out this week in the journal Science, which finds that clouds will amplify global warming, is certain to fuel the discussion.

Study author Andrew Dessler of Texas A&M says that warming due to increases in greenhouse gases will cause clouds to trap more heat, which will lead to additional warming.

“It’s a vicious cycle – warmer temperatures mean clouds trap more heat, which in turn leads to even more warming,” Dessler explains.

But, we have other claims surrounding this issue……

Climate change skeptic Roy Spencer of the University of Alabama, in an e-mail sent to journalists today, agrees with the idea that clouds’ interaction with warming is a significant issue:

“How clouds respond to warming – the ‘cloud feedback’ problem – will probably determine whether manmade global warming becomes either the defining environmental event of the 21st century, or is merely lost in the noise of natural climate variability,”

However, Spencer says the only clear evidence of feedback found in his analysis of the same satellite data was of strongly negative cloud feedback.

Se we have one claim of positive feedback and one claim of negative feedback. Confusing? Yes, but there is one thing this certainly does prove, regardless what side of the global warming fence you’re on.

It proves that contrary to the claims that ‘the science is settled’ it most certainly isn’t settled. Personally I’d question if the positive feedback isn’t cancelled out by the negative feedback resulting in zero feedback. But that’s me.

Edit: Here is a nice article I found while having my coffee this morning (Free Trade mind you!) from the Watts Up With That? website about the cloud feedbacks and how difficult it is to figure anything out.

Edit: Now we seem to have another theory about cloud formation, interesting indeed.

Source: USA Today

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