Cap & Steal

Noted bank robber John Dillinger was an amateur compared to cap & steal.

Now that Congress is unable to get cap & trade going we have these regional cap & steal deals popping up. Some states are even usurping the authority of congress by making direct deals with foreign countries, which is blatantly illegal.  If the federal government doesn’t want to let Arizona do their own thing about illegal aliens, then why should states like California be allowed to make deals with foreign countries? Read about this in any mainstream media lately? I doubt it.

The real problem with cap and steal is that there are billions of dollars flying around with no one watching where they’re going, which as we all know invites the hucksters, corporations and even criminal organizations to get involved and reap some of those rewards that are supposed to be used for things that are legitimately dealing with carbon.

The New American has an article about this titled ‘Cap and Trade by Stealth:  U.S. States Partner With Foreign Governments,’ which sounds more like it should be ‘Cap and Trade by Steal.’ They do show us the real deal about cap and trade.

While Americans were battling cap-and-trade legislation at the national and international levels, global-warming alarmists were quietly building regional systems between state and local governments, private industry, and even foreign governments that basically achieve the same effect — higher energy prices for consumers and more money for governments.

Yes, there’s your real ‘deal,’ the taxpayers and energy users get screwed while the government gets more money to blow on crap we don’t need. You can read below and see they don’t even give a crap about what the voters think, they just stick it to them. Dictators all over the globe could take a lesson from these clowns.

The first and most prominent of these U.S. cap-and-trade systems is known as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). It was created not by the people through their legislatures, but by a so-called “Memorandum of Understanding” between state governors.

Sounds just like those executive orders that presidents like to pump out when they don’t want to deal with Congress. Just think of it as dictatorship light. The not only do what ever the hell they want to, the also ‘conveniently’ have set up a system that is designed to hide what’s going on from the public.

Incredibly, the RGGI has managed to avoid public scrutiny of its operations by incorporating as a non-profit organization and leaving enforcement and regulation to the individual states. The corporation claims it does not have to respond to public requests for information since, technically, it is not actually a government entity.

Nice end run around the voters, the state legislatures and even the federal government. No accountability, no taxes (non-profit) just ripoff millions of dollars and do whatever you like because no one can ask a thing about where it’s going. OK so we have set up the ‘con’ so now for the ‘payoff.’ The quote ‘you can fool some of the people all of the time  but not all of the people all of the time’ comes true again.

But the corruption is already coming out in the open. “New Hampshire conservationists had high hopes for how $18 million in funding generated by the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) might advance energy efficiency projects,” wrote columnist Fergus Cullen in the New Hampshire Union Leader earlier this year. “Unfortunately, cronyism and corporate welfare hallmark too many grants awarded by the Public Utilities Commission so far.”

Cullen’s piece details, among other things, the outrageous handouts to “environmental” front groups and big businesses that helped push the scheme through. For example, an activist group in New Hampshire called “Clean Air Cool Planet” was incorporated by out-of-state bigwigs to promote global-warming alarmism — including Al Gore’s discredited “documentary,” An Inconvenient Truth.

Money was basically shoveled out, “creating opportunities for the well-connected and the in-the-know” while “millions of dollars have gone out the window, wasted like heat leaking out of an uncaulked pane,” Cullen concludes.

Well, you don’t actually think these clowns want to save the planet do you? Congress needs to reign these clowns in. They are usurping the power of the federal government as per the constitution, not to mention ripping off taxpayers and people who buy power to enrich global warming con artists.

Those in California will soon be ‘reaping’ similar benefits from AB32 courtesy of all those  greentards like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Gates and James Cameron, who pushed like hell to make sure it wasn’t neutered by Proposition 23. Bend over and then watch who’ll be making millions off of that deal when it fires up, and how much your gasoline, natural gas and electric bills go up along with the cost of everything,  then you can say I told you so.

I would urge you to read about the whole sordid affair at the source below. Co2 Insanity strikes again.

Source: The New American

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  1. R. Johnson

    What a freakin rip off. I think there needs to be some criminal investigations here. This is madness!