Upper Midwest Pummeled by Global Warming

New Global Warming Chick. Fur bikinis for when you don't know if that warming will cause cooling.

Yes, that’s right, global warming has arrived in the upper Midwest in the form of extremely cold temperatures and blizzard conditions with plenty of snow and sub-zero temperatures. They may be trying to compete with Great Britain for the prize for the most December global warming.  It’s that mysterious cooling that is caused by warming again! I keep trying this by heating up water on the stove and waiting for it to immediately freeze after boiling but it never happens.  I guess Gaia must know something I and the laws of physics don’t know about.

Per CNN……..

Much of the upper Midwest battled blizzard conditions Saturday, with a combination of heavy snow, fierce winds and sub-zero temperatures pummeling the region 10 days before the official start of winter.

A blizzard warning, issued by the National Weather Service, stretched from South Dakota to Wisconsin and down to Missouri and Illinois. The storm was expected to dump between 15 and 20 inches of snow in some locales.

Wow! 15-20 inches of white global warming! Sub-zero temperatures! They’re giving the UK a run for their money that’s for certain.

You can read all about it at the source below. I wonder if there’s a market there for fur bikinis for people who are confused about global warming causing cooling? If they wear those, they’ll be ready for any kind of weather. You’d think those 600 degree temperatures in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin would keep things thawed out, but I guess not.

Source: CNN

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