Hang on to your wallets California!

What your wallet will look like after cap & trade

Even in a screwed-up economy and even with California’s screwed-up housing market, it’s still one of the more expensive places to live. Sure property is in the tank, but it’s still more expensive than in most parts of the U.S., meaning that the citizens of the state still get to pay for overpriced housing. We also get to pay for overpriced designer gasoline and overpriced taxes. Toss in one of the most onerous business environments in the country and it’s amazing anyone even lives here.

Sure it’s pretty but people and businesses are already moving out and it will get worse when this kicks in and everyone’s wallets start getting drained more than they already are. You can go here and read up on it if you want to.

Want a clue on how bad it already is? According to The Tax Foundation…..

  • California’s business climate ranks 49th out of 50 states (57 if you’re President Obama)(Soon to be 50!)
  • California’s top income tax rate is 4th highest in the nation (Soon to be #1)
  • California’s sales tax rate is the highest in the nation (See? We’re already #1)
  • As far as the Feds go we give up $1.00 and get 78 cents back, meaning we support other ‘vampire’ states. (THAT’S what that donor thing on my driver’s license means!)
  • Federal OSHA isn’t good enough, we get to support a redundant Cal-OSHA
  • Federal EPA isn’t good enough either, we get to support the California Air Resources Board giving us the ‘privilege’ of paying more redundancy. (They’re the ones that employ people with mail-order PhD’s and overestimate diesel pollution by 340% so they can screw us more than they already are)

Now thanks to the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Gates, James Cameron and other eco-loons, we failed to get enough voters with brains to reign in AB32 (actually, based on the last election, having enough voters with brains in California appears to be a statistical impossibility). The result is the greentards are all excited because California is going to start its own cap & trade program! I just saw Arnold on TV gushing over his stupidity. He’s actually all excited because thanks to him we’re all going to get screwed even more than we have been.  Gee, I just can’t wait Arnold. It will be such fun to be more broke than I already am so you can feel all touchy-feely-girly-man-y about climate change. I think he may be remembered as the Governator who terminated California.

If you’re one of the poor bastards who still lives in California and you think it’s bad now just wait awhile, it will get worse. In a very short time everything you buy will suddenly cost more because just about everything and anything you buy uses power generated by fuel or electricity to be manufactured or delivered.

  • Your gas and electric bills will be rising because the gas and electric companies will now have to buy permits from the state and/or reduce their pollution. Think PG & E or Edison are going to eat this? If you do you’re dumber than a rock. And don’t give me that BS about the wind turbines and solar panels being subsidized because it’s your money (called taxes bonehead) that’s subsidizing it. Absent that no one would be installing them because they’re either unprofitable or they’d have to charge you $10,000 a month to turn the lights on in your home to pay for them.
  • Those higher power charges will result in  ALL businesses in California having to raise the price of what they sell. Grocery stores, car dealers, restaurants, motels, hotels, movies, hospitals, doctors, lawyers, Indian Chiefs and everyone else in the state will have to either eat the rate increases or charge YOU more to make up for it. Guess which one’s going to happen?
  • Everything you buy is delivered by trains, planes, trucks, or steamships. They all run on diesel, gas or aviation fuel. Think they’re going to eat it? Nope! They’ll  apply a fuel surcharge to everything including your airplane tickets to make up for the additional charges from the refineries so they can pay for their permits to pollute or invest more money to reduce their pollution. That money doesn’t grow on trees greentards! YOU get to pay for it.
  • Want a new house? Well wait until the price of lumber, nails, screws, roofing, stucco, cement, tile and everything else used in construction goes through the roof.  That house that was a million last year will soon be a lot more.
  • Retired? I’d suggest you move to another state as soon as possible before a) you run out of money b) you can’t find anyone to buy your house because they’re all broke and c) the price to move out will be out of site because your mover spends 5 fortunes a year on diesel fuel for his trucks.

Think about it, even your crab will cost more once this starts because those boats run on diesel engines, they don’t row out to the Farallon Islands anymore folks. You can watch the price of your cable TV, cell phones, auto repairs, furniture, clothing, appliances and EVERYTHING go up.

And, you can bet the one thing that WON’T GO UP is your PAYCHECK, because your employer is going to have to pay a boatload more money to keep the doors open thanks to cap & trade. He may even have to lay some of you off to offset the increased costs if it gets bad enough. I note that because with the ENTIRE state getting screwed, it’s probably going to end up where no one will be able to raise their prices enough to compensate for the increased cost of power because no one else will be able to afford to pay for the increased prices. Smart employers will probably flee California as fast as they can while the getting is good.  Face it, even the cost of toilet paper will go up folks! Just wait and see.

Yes, you can just watch the whole damn state go further down the tubes than it already is! Think this will bother Bill Gates? No, he doesn’t even live here. Think Arnold will give a hoot? No, he’s wealthy and can afford to pay the extra and it things get bad enough he can afford to move someplace where they don’t have cap and trade. James Cameron? Nah, he’s rich too and will either pay up or move on.

I wonder how long it will take before it will seem like an improvement to have Mexico take over California again and send the retards and greentards in Sacramento packing? Probably not to long in my estimation.

So I’ll leave you with  – Adios muchachos! Hablo la nueva lengua de California!

California a place with no shortage of CO2 Insanity.

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One response to “Hang on to your wallets California!

  1. Ralph

    California will soon become the land of the rich. If you can make ends meet and aren’t rich, and do it legally, good luck to you. I see a future where the rich rule, but where are the “little people” who do the mundane things like pick up the trash, fix to roof, fix the toilet that’s clogged up, tow the broke down car, fix the broke down car? Probably in other states or countries. It’s not always a great thing to be rich when you depend on other people to do thing you can’t/won’t do.