UK Screws Students to Fund Windmills in Africa

This is probably the only type of wind turbines Africa will see once that money ends up in those Swiss bank accounts

You read it right. This is the problem with greentardism, it creates morbidly stupid people who create morbidly stupid ideas and cause morbidly stupid problems. If the greentards could create energy as easily as they create stupidity, we’d have something.

From the Christopher Booker at the Telegraph we get the reason behind the student riots in the UK last week. You remember, the one where they attacked Prince Charles and Camilla while sauntering around playing greentards in their ‘fuel efficient’ Rolls Royce.

The cause of the major political story of last week – the row over tuition fees, students rioting and all – was, as we all know, “public spending cuts”.

Ahh yes, we have to save that public money don’t we? So, how much will they be saving by breaking the backs of college students?

In the short-term, the Government’s own projection as to how much it will save is that the funding of university tuition will be cut by £2.9 billion by 2014.

OK, so they save £2.9 billion. Will they use it to pay down the national debt? No. Will they use it to buy some more heating oil for everyone in the UK who’s freezing their chichi’s off because there’s not enough to go around? Ummmm….no again. How about a fleet of new Rolls Royce’s for the Queen and the Princes? Nope again. So what will they use it for pray-tell?

As it happens, £2.9 billion is the sum ring-fenced, by the same public spending review, to be given to developing countries to help them fight global warming with windmills and solar panels.

Ahh yes we have to fight that non-existent anthropogenic global warming you know. Now I have to speculate on how much of the £2.9 billion that goes to Africa will actually be spent on windmills and solar panels vs. how much of it will end up enriching the continent’s numerous dictators Swiss bank accounts?

More CO2 Insanity from the British government who must love bending over the sofa to take it up the ass for global warming.

Source: The Telegraph

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