California Cap & Trade: First Shot Fired in Federal Court

I’ve been ragging and ragging about California’s cap & trade program that is about to be fired up by the greentards in Sacramento who amazingly still believe in anthropogenic global warming despite all the proof to the contrary. One of the key points the Governator has been touting is we’ll be creating all those green jobs for people and we’ll be making clean power with new bird choppers (aka: wind turbines) and solar energy. Well, based on this Arnold, I think you can kiss your green power and green jobs goodbye. I bet no one’s going to be building much of anything for quite awhile.

Why? Well Arnold, don’t look now but that new huge solar project in the California desert has just been put to a screeching halt by the Indians and other so-called ‘activists’ who sued in Federal Court. Whatcha gonna do now Arnold? Call Ghost Busters? Per East County Magazine, here’s the scoop……

Local and statewide activists battling massive energy projects on public lands are praising a decision issued by U.S. District Court Judge Larry Burns yesterday, while the CEO of Tessera Solar says he is “deeply disappointed” in the ruling.

The federal Judge issued a temporary restraining order halting construction on the first massive desert solar project authorized on public lands—a project that if built, would be one of the largest solar power plants in the world.

Here we go folks. The real agenda is the greentards don’t want anything built anywhere regardless if it pollutes or not. Their real goal is to have us riding bicycles and living in caves.  I also suspicion money comes into play. So what’s the lame excuse used to halt progress this time?

The Court ruled that the U.S. Bureau of Land Management failed to adequately consult with the tribe regarding protection of 459 cultural resources identified at 300 locations on the site in Imperial County.

Yes, you can’t build anything now unless you ‘consult’ with the local tribe. It appears all that useless land that sits there just suddenly became and amazing treasure trove of cultural things. I wonder how much of those ‘green’ dollars may be exchanged in the process? Remember, no matter what it usually goes back to follow the money if you want to find out what the real deal is.

I wonder who else is involved. The competition perhaps?

“Thank goodness there is still some wisdom and justice in the courts. We can celebrate! This decision could affect some of the other utility scale solar plants planned for the Mojave Desert,” said Terry Weiner with Solar Done Right, an organization that opposes the project and calls instead for local power generation through rooftop solar.

Yes I bet he’s celebrating as I type because he’s helped to halt this, which may afford him or others a golden opportunity to golden fleece the people in the golden state out of some of their gold if this halts large solar projects in California and forces people to go to rooftop solar. I suppose they could all be doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, but the follow the money mantra makes me wonder who has what invested in rooftop solar and who’s may benefit from a banning these large solar facilities in the desert if that sticks?

Per their website this is who they claim to be. You probably should go read up on them and make your own judgement about what their game is……

Solar Done Right is a coalition of public land activists, solar power and electrical engineering experts, biologists and others who view with concern the rush to develop our few remaining wildlands for industrial solar energy.

They’re not happy with only stopping this project either. More groups appear to be making an effort to stop everything solar and wind turbine in the deserts.

The two groups, along with a third, East County Community Action Coalition, have funded litigation and filed lawsuits aiming to stop major energy projects in East County, including Sunrise Powerlink and the Rule Wind Farm. Tisdale revealed in a phone interview today with East County Magazine that the coalition will also be filing suit to halt the Imperial Valley solar project. “We have a broader base of issues than the Quechan,” Tisdale said.

I wonder what that ‘broader base of issues’ is? Money perhaps? Control? Power? I don’t know, but you will love this next quote……

Preston J. Arrow-Weed, a member of the Quechan Native American tribe, called the proposed project “genocide of our tribal ways and culture” in an interview during a protest at the site November 15, as ECM previously reported.

I find it interesting that a solar plant is labeled ‘genocide’ yet all those Indian casinos in California are perfectly fine and evidently do nothing bad for their ‘tribal ways and culture.’ I also find that to be a rather interesting that this attitude appears to be spreading all over the state and no doubt will spread to other areas with good solar and wind potential like Nevada, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico.

Statewide, several major solar projects have run into legal obstacles, Reuters reports. Environmental groups have filed suit to block a Solargen plant in the Panoche Valley. First Solar’s Topaz Plan in San Luis Obispo has drawn opposition from environmental groups over the impact on endangered San Joaquin kit foxes. SunPower’s proposed California Valley Solar Ranch also faces opposition on habitat destruction grounds in San Luis Obispo.

I’d say this effectively may put a halt to the cap & trade authorized by AB32. If there’s no solar being installed and no wind turbines going up there’s not going to be any clean power. The result will be that no one’s going to be capping any coal power plants or trading any carbon credits if there’s nothing to trade. Oh well, back to coal-fired power plants we go. Funny how those greentards appear to be creating more pollution while saving the planet. Frankly, that’s fine with me because California is already well on its way to bankruptcy and  cap & trade is going to accelerate the process big time. Perhaps this will force the idiots in Sacramento to re-evaluate what they’re doing to the state in the name of saving us all from non-existent anthropogenic global warming and plant food (CO2).

No matter where you go or what you want to do it seems the greentards will always find some lame excuse to bring progress to a screeching halt. Tribal culture, burial grounds, so-called endangered species, you name one, they’ll use it. They’ve been complaining we need renewable energy for decades, yet when someone finally gets that process going, they appear out of nowhere and start suing over that. See why I use the term greentards? I find their stupidity amazingly fitting sometimes.

I wonder if  lawyers all over the United States are salivating over this one? Imagine all the money to be made from all these lawsuits. I also wonder if  tribes all over are already picking up on this and planning on how to use this to extract money from the government. Gotta protect those Indian casinos, I mean cultural things now don’t we?

Sorry, but being suspicious by nature, I have to ponder the effects of all of these lawsuits and who might be making money off of them. Time will tell who’s going to reap what.In the meantime, we’ll just have to wait and see what the end results will be.

I’d urge you to read the whole article at the source below and get more details.

Source: East County Magazine

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