California drowning, gets tossed an anchor by CARB

The Official Anchor of the California State Economy

Here we go, more on the cap & trade debacle in California from Instead of throwing the once golden state that is now drowning in a sea of red ink, CARB, various greentards and the Governator have tossed the drowning state an aircraft carrier sized boat anchor……

The unelected officials at CARB intend to reorder California’s use of energy. In so doing they blandly declaim that their rules will create jobs while admitting to higher energy costs and a slowing economy. Somehow, this formula is transmogrified by CARB analysts into net job creation.

Given the immutable laws of math, one is forced to calculate that CARB’s actions will “create” low-paying jobs at the expense of good jobs.

Hey! Way to go boneheads! Let’s get rid of those good  jobs that employ people who make real money and pay taxes and replace them with minimum wage workers who will pay fewer or no taxes. They also probably won’t have health care plans so the state can pay for that, too! Can you spell subsidized Section 8 housing for these workers? More money down the global warming toilet. No wonder the rest of the country laughs at California! Keynesian economics at its best.

Of course we again go back to follow the money, even on a state government level this is very applicable…….

Over time, however, CARB expects to charge for allowances, generating a lucrative revenue stream for a cash-starved state.

Rather than spend gas allowance funds on energy specific projects, as intended, all three Eastern states have raided climate funds for a more mundane purpose: balancing their budgets, with the total diversion to date exceeding $158 million.

Given California’s budget history, cap-and-trade will soon become cap-and-tax.

Yes, California will soon be emulating New York, New Jersey and New Hampshire and screwing the tax payer even more, while at the same time driving people with good paying jobs and businesses out the door into another state or country. No one with a brain will want to stay here by the time they get done. But…. but…what about all those green jobs in solar and wind power?

You can read here and see that numerous lawsuits by greetards and Indian tribes have probably already have screwed the pooch as far as California doing much of anything until all these lawsuits are resolved in Federal Court, which could take years or more if they end up going to the Supreme Court. Of course the dim wits at CARB will continue on their path of destruction regardless of common sense or economics.

What the article says is basically what I and others have been harping about since before the elections in November, which is that cap & trade will increase the costs of everything in the state. Electricity, gas, fuel, diesel, food, housing, clothing, etc. You name it and cap & trade will be raising the cost. Just take the projections on gas.

With California’s adoption of its low-carbon fuel standard, some analysts are forecasting a gasoline price shock of 30% to 80% in five years. With Congress appearing set to end corn ethanol subsidies, this cost may go higher, hitting California families for an additional $570 to $6,500 per year, according to the George C. Marshall Institute.

I don’t know about you, but $6,500 a year will cause many families to move someplace that doesn’t  have this crap, especially when it costs them their high paying jobs. And that’s only fuel people. There’s more to pay for due to this boondoggle. Like, can you imagine what the additional diesel fuel cost to a trucking company with a fleet of Peterbuilts will be? I bet you can say goodbye to a lot of  the trucking industry in California and the ones that remain will be charging up the wazoo to deliver things like groceries.  Imagine paying $20 bucks for a tomato, or $50 for a box of Captain Crunch and I think you see my point.

Another problem this article points out is that this will end up being a tax and no capping or trading will happen because the state will be raiding the funds to balance their budget while the greentards and Indian tribes tie it all up in the court system. What a joke and it’s on us taxpayers.

Perhaps one day the boneheads who vote in this state will wake up and quit voting the same idiots into office over and over and over and over. But I’ll probably be long gone before that ever happens, along with hundreds of thousands of other people who will move to someplace that doesn’t have CO2 Insanity. Read the whole article at the source link below.


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