Lord Monckton on Concun


Concun: A few clowns short of a circus.

Well here’s Lord Monckton’s take on Concun. Vini vidi vici? Probably not the last one, but he did go and he did see the circus show about anthropogenic global warming. The two biggest items in the press about him were that he admitted global warming was real and that he was thrown out of a meeting. From the Telegraph we get this, from the horse’s mouth even……


Another headline last week shrieked that Viscount Monckton had admitted global warming is happening. Again, where’s the perspective? The author had aimed to suggest that if even a notorious recusant was now confessing, in the words of Dr Heinz Kiosk, that “We Are All Guilty”, no one could deny that “global warming” is, like, I mean, jolly bad stuff, man.

Nice try, but no. Four years ago, I wrote in the Sunday Telegraph that: “There are more greenhouse gases in the air than there were, so the world should warm a bit, but that’s as far as the consensus goes.”

Yes, there is a greenhouse effect. Yes, CO2 contributes to it. Yes, it causes warming. Yes, we emit CO2. Yes, warming will result. But not a lot.

While I’m at it, I wasn’t “forced to leave a high-level business summit” in Cancun, either. The organisers, Climate Change Ltd, said they would take my $1000 entrance fee provided that, unlike other paying delegates, I raised no points from the floor: they said only believers in man-made apocalypse could speak up.

See? Blown out of proportion by the MSM. The real story is in the last paragraph above, that he would effectively have his mouth duct-taped if he stayed. Sounds like the warmers, you can only speak if you agree, otherwise STFU! Heaven forbid we should entertain anything but the gospel of global warming as handed down by Reverend Gore.

See why I called it a circus? It’s run by clowns and for the most part attended by clowns, but it was a few clowns short of a circus wasn’t it?

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  1. Ralph

    Cancun sounds like a church meeting, nothing scientific about it.