Global Warming Strands 4,000 Vehicles in China

Global warming has now arrived in China and has stranded 4,000 vehicles due to ice. Yet another case of that hot hot global warming causing cold, snow, and ice, not to mention below zero temperatures. Where’s Al Gore and his hot air when you need him?

BEIJING: More than 4,000 vehicles and 8,000 people remained stranded Friday as ice blocked a section of the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao freeway caused by a severe cold that swept across southern China, a media report said.

The temperatures dipped to minus three degrees Celsius Wednesday, bringing the traffic to a halt as ice covered the sections of the freeway in Shaoguan county of Guangdong province, China Daily reports.

Source: Express Buzz



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  1. Ralph

    Just when you thought it was summer on the other side of the Earth..