A peek at California’s energy future

The Tarot Card showing California's greentard future

Well, here we go again. We simply must use that renewable energy no matter what the financial cost will be. Bankrupting people, companies and costing retired people on limited incomes so much they have to start eating dog food for dinner doesn’t bother the greetards a whit. You can go back and read about my harping about what’s going to happen to California-based on recent events.

  • Prop 23, which would have neutered AB32 until things got better financially in California as evidenced by a drop in the unemployment rate was defeated, partly in thanks to rich greentards like Governor Schwarzenegger, film director James Cameron, Microsoft maven Bill Gates, and a host of other greentards.
  • The California Air Resources Board (CARB) just voted to implement cap & trade as part of their implementation of AB32. This probably will end up being ripped-off by the government ala New Jersey.
  • Meanwhile, the Indians and other assorted greentard groups have in my opinion effectively halted installation of solar and wind power in California until it’s either resolved in the courts, which could take years and years, or perhaps after a lot of the other kind of green (money) changes hands allowing these facilities to be built, no doubt at additional cost, due to addiitonal legal bills and perhaps eventually due to paying out what I’d call legal ‘bribes.’ Both would be considered to be costs associated with the additional extended delay and passed on to consumers. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Meanwhile, we can look North to see what the future of California will be, which is as I and others have been trying to get through those ultra-thick greentard skulls, is that we’re going to get raped on power and the costs of about everything else because just about everything else is hooked up to the grid or will be affected by the implementation of AB32.

From Oregon Live we get this little tidbit about what’s in the Tarot Cards for the once ‘golden state’ that I vote should be renamed “Greentardia.”

Come New Year’s, better strip the lights off the house and the Christmas tree ASAP.

Customers of Pacific Power will see their electric rates spike 14.5 percent in January. The increase comes in a one-two punch: an 8.4 percent general rate increase state utility regulators approved Friday, and a 6.1 percent increase for increased power costs they are expected to approve Dec. 28. Both take effect Jan. 1.

Meanwhile, customers of the state’s largest electric utility, Portland General Electric Co., will see a lesser, but still significant, rate increase of about 3.9 percent. A few mandatory cost adjustments in the works will bump that overall increase to 4.2 percent, effective Jan. 1.

The biggest factor driving the increases: renewable power.

All you Californians better start saving up! Your power bills will be going up exponentially in the future because you, the consumer of electricity, natural gas, gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, oil and everything power in California will be the one who ultimately gets to pay for all this nonsense. I call it nonsense because if your solar and wind weren’t subsidized they’d already be out of business. If and when these solar and wind facilities finally get built, you can guess who will be paying though the nose to subsidize them can’t you? It’s called you via higher rates and taxes, that’s who.

I’ve said it before and I’ll reiterate that most everything you buy will be affected by coming increases thanks to CARB and AB32. Not only will the cost of electricity rise, the cost of gasoline and diesel will be increasing because AB32 mandates low-carbon fuels for California. If there are any manufacturers left in California they’ll be passing the buck to you when the cost of power and delivery of their product to marked rises astronomically. AB32 could even lead to mass destruction of forests.

Yes, I’d say get ready to bend over Californian’s, like a hurricane, you can see it’s coming and you can either stay put and hope you don’t get wiped out, or you can flee to a safer place.

Source: Oregon Live

H/T to Watts Up With That?

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