‘California leads way on global warming’

This is why some call it "Crap & Trade"

Today we have this editorial in the San Francisco Chronicle titled “California leads way on global warming.” It’s a short quickie that bitches out Washington, DC,  praises the voters for not passing Prop 23, which would have K.O.’ed AB32 (California’s global warming law that will speed up the decline of the state), and aggrandizes Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This prompts me to ask the editor following questions.

  • Is California leading the way down the global warming toilet?
  • Or, is California leading the way down the global warming bankruptcy?
  • Or, is California leading the way off a cliff?
  • Or, perhaps all three?
  • Were the voters really ‘unimpressed?’
  • Or, were the voters really confused?
  • Or, were the majority of the voters who voted no on 23 to stupid to comprehend what they voted on?
  • Could the voters have been swayed by the political and financial sway of famous libtards besides Arnold like Bill Gates, James Cameron and others?

We already know Arnold is a closet greentard who’s appears to be desperately trying to hang on to what amounts to about his only achievement as Governor of California so I feel no need to question his motivation. It should suffice to see that per Bluegrass Pundit he now wants to be ‘The Climanator.” Perhaps Hollywood doesn’t want him back either?

Source: SFGate.com

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