If you want to donate to a good cause.

Here we have a family in a tragic situation who need a helping hand. Some people have lots of problems in life and we who don’t should find it our duty to assist those who are less fortunate. I have already donated and urge you to please find some holiday spirit and help out. Please read the below, it’s heartbreaking. You can go here and read further if you think this is not legitimate. At the bottom there is an e-mail so you can donate via PayPal if you’re motivated. Bless you for your largess.

I’m going to be brief with the overall description of the problem as
I would he all evening trying to type out all the issues. I will gladly explain the entire story to anyone that wants to hear it over the phone.  

My wife is a teacher and she does home bound teaching as a side job to disabled children who can’t attend public school. We have become friends with the family of a child she has been teaching for years and have been trying to help them make it. They have 4 children with the youngest being terminally ill with a genetic disorder. He has already had a Make a Wish trip to Disney World and the doctors have declared him a failure to thrive so time is short. His oldest brother is severely autistic and is unable to do anything on his own. The middle two children have no medical issues, but are suffering mentally. The sister got a full college scholarship and is risking blowing that by acting out now that she is out of the house and free not having to care for her siblings. The mother has cancer and cannot work, much less keep up with all the kids. The father works for the Town of Vienna Public Works in NOVA. He drives on hour and 45 minutes one way everyday to work because the pay is much more up there than in Louisa where they live. He has recently been demoted and lost pay because he has to take off so much for his wife’s and son’s appointments and he long since ran out of sick time. The only bill they are current on is the mortgage and have a hard time keeping up with grocery bills. Even with disability payments, medicare, and other donations they have a hard time getting by. To make things even harder on them their only dependable transportation, a dodge minivan, just blew the head gasket and they can’t afford the $2,800 to fix it. Their other vehicle is a mid 90’s pathfinder that is in less than great shape and I don’t know how the father drags it to and from NOVA everyday. So what I’m asking is if anyone in the Virginia or maybe Maryland area has a vehicle they want to donate to this family. Doesn’t have to be a rover, but maybe something that gets good gas mileage and is relatively dependable. I’m thinking that someone out there must have a $1000 car they could part with knowing it was going to help someone out. I just spent 40 minutes on the phone with the father and he doesn’t know what to do. They don’t have the money to do anything and my wife and I have already helped all we can with other stuff. I haven’t even touched on all the bad luck they have seen in the past few years, but if you want to help and want to hear more PM me your number and I’ll give you a call.

PayPal for donations: hope4nicholaswilliams@gmail.com

If you donate please use the gift option so there are not charges to the family.  Thank you.
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