White Christmas in South – Thanks global warming!

Well, I was going to hang it up for the night but I was perusing the news and came across this news item from Fox about how the southern United States will probably be getting a “White Christmas.” In honor of that frozen white stuff that is supposedly caused by global warming I decided to put up Bing Crosby singing the song.

It’s called weather, but the warmers will scream it’s all caused by global warming. Then next year if there’s no snow, they’ll claim that’s caused by global warming, too, because in their fit of CO2 Insanity everything causes global warming, even those cookies and milk you leave for Santa Claus cause it. The cookies use energy from coal-fired power plants to bake, and the cows that make the milk fart methane gas yanno. Lord knows what they’ll  claim the reindeer do.

You can read about the upcoming snow bomb in the south at the source below. Y’all have a Merry Christmas and y’all stay warm now, hear?

Source: FOX News

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