Global warming visits Birmingham, Alabama


Today on Christmas Day, we have a case of “y’all watch this!” from Mother Nature. No Budweiser or moonshine was required before this happened. Today we have snow in Birmingham, Alabama.

From WBRC, Fox Channel 6 we get this……

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – People across north Alabama woke up Christmas morning to find more than presents under their Christmas trees… they also found snow.

Snow began falling just before sunrise Saturday in northwest Alabama and quickly spread east across the northern portion of the state.  People as far south as Montevallo reported seeing snow flakes. Snow was accumulating in many areas around the Birmingham area, especially in locations north of Interstate 20.

As you can see from the NOAA map they goofed as it snowed south of where they had <5% probability. Here’s what they had to say about it……

Each year, as Christmas Day approaches, people across Central Alabama begin dreaming of a White Christmas. However, historical records do not hold much hope for a truly classical White Christmas, that is, snow falling and measurable amounts on the ground on Christmas Day.

Cullman, Ala. (Dec. 25, 2010,

Cullman, Ala. (Dec. 25, 2010,

Looks like we had the White Christmas to me.  Another case of that global warming heat creating snow. Kind of like boiling water, then standing there waiting for it to freeze.

Source: NOAA

Source WBRC

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