Greentards to run out of ‘green’

Nissan Leaf dashboard registering that $0 rebate you may get if you buy one

Well, here’s a Merry Christmas for all those people who are planning on buying  Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt or other electric car and getting that $5,000 rebate from the soon to be broke State of California. Guess what? Santa won’t be bringing you a big check and you will be very lucky if you even get a lump of coal in your stocking. Per the Los Angeles Times……

With $8 million in state coffers for the program and the Nissan Leaf now hitting the market, funds for the $5,000 rebate may be depleted by mid-2011, an electric-vehicle advocate estimate

Yes, California aka: Greentardia won’t have enough money to spread around to subsidize the greentards who want to buy electric cars!

We believe the rebates will run out……

And with California mired in fiscal crisis, there’s no guarantee that rebate funds intended for future years will actually be there, Air Resources Board officials said.

Here we go again with more BS from Sacramento, the hot air capitol of the state. They want all this ‘wonderful’ stuff, but they don’t have the money to pay for it.

Will AB32’s mandated cap & trade be the same thing? They’ll want power plants to clean up their act but considering the state’s financial crisis will they have any money to pay them for things such as improvements and switching to solar and wind power?

I note that because it appears that the installation of solar and wind power generation plants in the California desert may be whacked, too. The Indians and greentards have filed lawsuits, that in my opinion effectively halts solar and wind power construction. The suit will no doubt cost major money and guess who’s going to get stuck with the bill when it’s all over? Ummm….you don’t really think the state or your friendly public utility is going to eat all the legal costs and the costs associated with what could be a major delay do you? More likely than not, this will result in some form of increased taxation and higher rates for power.

This is more CO2 Insanity that will filter down and eventually help empty the consumer’s (your) wallet even faster than it already is being emptied by the state of Greentardia.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

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